1、 When to launch outdoor advertising
Author:Li Jianli   Time:2021-10-04 15:47 Browse(null)
Hello, outdoor advertisement. Do you mean the single column advertisement on the side of the highway? This kind of advertisement has less influence now. In the past, when the Internet was not so popular, the effect was very good, but now it is worse. However, it is still very effective to increase the brand exposure. Generally, large companies will use this kind of advertisement to make and promote. As for the amount of advertising, it depends on the strength of the industry and the company and the company's advertising budget, Just 20-30% of the total advertising budget, and the rest are mostly used for network promotion and offline promotion. What I'm talking about is a general base. The specific amount depends on your situation. First of all/
Author:Li Xingnan   Time:2021-10-03 13:30 Browse(null)
Since its launch, Baidu has a huge user base. In the third quarter of 2017, the usage duration of mobile Baidu users increased by 15% compared with the second quarter, ranking first in the growth rate of head apps with daily active users of more than 100 million in China, with high-intensity coverage in first tier and second tier cities, and the proportion of young people under 25 years old was as high as 56.2%. Mobile Baidu takes app launch as exposure opportunity, which creates conditions for the brand to get full exposure. An unforgettable effect allows the brand to be implanted into the brain of consumers at the first time.
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