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Connect the display and computer, 2 open the software, 3 screen settings, 4 edit the program, 5 send, more practical operation, you can baidu Qilin electronics, where more knowledge in this area
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Alas, it's very simple. You can use it as a waste. You can listen to thousands of songs. You can write your own lyrics, turn the volume to zero, play them in a loop, and display the lyrics on the desktop.
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In fact, each LED display is equipped with a control card and software. After the screen is installed, connect the control card and power supply, copy the software to the computer, and you can operate it directly on the computer, which can modify the text content, scanning mode and rolling effect.
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The following is the information provided by lianchengfa group:
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1. Change words by computer
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1. Change the word through the serial line
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Displaying text on LED scrolling screen is usually operated by mobile phone, USB flash disk and computer to change and set the font and content of LED display screen.
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How to change the character of LED display screen? Many friends have such doubts. The engineers of lianchengfa group have something to say about how to change the character of LED display. First of all, you must know how to change the font of LED display screen. There are usually three ways: serial cable, USB flash disk, mobile phone (or remote control)
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There is a control card in each LED display. It depends on the manufacturer of the control card. The software of each manufacturer is different. You'd better contact the manufacturer or technology that provides the display. Debug with software. There is no universal software
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