flip flop

"Led flip on both sides", also known as LED flip screen or LED flip on three sides, is a kind of high-end outdoor advertising media combining led full-color screen and spray painting picture. The dynamic photo effect of "led flip on both sides" in the daytime and the vivid film and television picture on the LED display screen in the evening attract people's attention, making outdoor advertising realize the perfect combination of day and night, It gives full play to the advantages of three sided display in the daytime and display in the night, and realizes the complementary advantages of three sided display and display. You can also switch between the two media according to the advertising needs, so that your advertising effect can be fully displayed. The advantages of LED double flip L/
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There are many kinds of outdoor billboards: high-speed media, subway media, LED display, building media, public transport media, three side advertising, train media and so on.
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