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The effect of LED outdoor advertising is mainly determined by the quality of LED. Some ordinary LED screens only display text, and the strip is hung at the door of the hotel restaurant, so there is not much room to play. The LED with better quality is displayed in full-color, and the display effect is slightly better. It can play pictures, audio and video, showing a dynamic effect. Even some LED outdoor advertisements are combined with model advertisements, and the dynamic display effect is also very good.
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Outdoor advertising is an ancient form of advertising, Zhengzhou bus, waiting booth advertising ((million three hundred ninety-eight thousand long 167)) thousands of years ago with the emergence of various commercial shop signs, lanterns and flags can be said to be the original form of outdoor advertising. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, the forms of outdoor advertising have been constantly innovated and developed. Columns, billboards on the roof, bus stops, waiting booths, outdoor walls, neon lights, banners, airships, balloons, inflatable arches, LED electronic displays and so on emerge in an endless stream. The flexible and diverse outdoor advertisement with novel forms has become the focus of China's advertising industry/
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If you use software to make effects, you must first set the screen parameters. You should plug in an SD card for the card reader. As for the capacity, it's OK within 4G, but it's not clear if it's larger than 4G. The effect file only takes up a few hundred KB or a few meters, so you can just find a USB flash disk or a card reader with an SD card
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Adview aggregation currently supports banner ads
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On the pedestrian street of Zhangye Road, isn't there a matrix LED screen on Keda? That is
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