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The effect of LED outdoor advertising is mainly determined by the quality of LED. Some ordinary LED screens only display text, and the strip is hung at the door of the hotel restaurant, so there is not much room to play. The LED with better quality is displayed in full-color, and the display effect is slightly better. It can play pictures, audio and video, showing a dynamic effect. Even some LED outdoor advertisements are combined with model advertisements, and the dynamic display effect is also very good.
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Lanzhou ideal style is not bad. They represent the matrix LED large screen advertising outside Mingji building. At the junction of pedestrian street and Yongchang Road, the advertising audience is very wide, and the price is much cheaper than the newspaper. The Asia Europe one is also good, but it's not external. If there is one audience in the square, it's much less. The price is determined according to the length of time and the number of broadcasts, According to their own type of advertising to consult it.
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Shenzhen haideli Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is your right choice
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As a common outdoor billboard, LED graphic advertising screen is the media equipment with the best brightness. It has the advantages of good stability, low consumption and wide radiation range. It is the most suitable product for outdoor information dissemination. Basically, the common LED display screen includes advertising screen, strip screen, picture screen and so on, which is also the first choice for urban life and brightness.
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If you use software to make effects, you must first set the screen parameters. You should plug in an SD card for the card reader. As for the capacity, it's OK within 4G, but it's not clear if it's larger than 4G. The effect file only takes up a few hundred KB or a few meters, so you can just find a USB flash disk or a card reader with an SD card
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When the monitor is not connected to the host computer, it will automatically display [no signal input], right? So the data line between the host and the monitor is called "signal line"
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On the pedestrian street of Zhangye Road, isn't there a matrix LED screen on Keda? That is
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There are many advantages: 1) a wide range of people are involved, and the consumers of barber shops are mainly between 14 and 65 years old, regardless of gender and occupation; 2)
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LED advertising is a new form of media advertising, which is a perfect combination of new media technology and outdoor advertising. Its visual representation can be divided into the following types:
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This question can't answer you accurately. There are too many factors that affect the price of LED display. The cheap one is one thousand and one thousand square meters, and the expensive one is fifty thousand and sixty thousand square meters. According to your needs, find professionals to consult first.
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