What are the forms of advertising?
Author:Li Yin   Time:2021-10-04 11:24 Browse(null)
The advertisement of "maintaining healthy Aojiang and promoting harmony between human and water" is based on the green ecological prospect map of Aojiang.
Author:Yu Di   Time:2021-10-04 09:34 Browse(null)
No, hehe, if your balcony is facing the street, it will be managed by the urban management. If you post it casually, someone will come to collect money. Besides, if you advertise, I'm afraid that industry and Commerce and taxation will come to you
Author:Cai Yanli   Time:2021-10-04 09:16 Browse(null)
It depends on the building, but it's usually 10 meters × More than 20 meters, hundreds of meters.
Author:Xie Minglu   Time:2021-10-03 17:55 Browse(null)
One is to improve the stability of billboards from the specification, the other is to improve the ability of billboards to resist wind resistance or wind shear.
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There are many kinds of outdoor billboards. I want to know the details
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: computer 2000 yuan / set. Engraving machine 2000 yuan / set. 3: automatic banner machine 15000 yuan, but also engraving machine 15000 yuan, spray painting machine 70000 yuan, photo machine 5000 yuan (with laminating machine) imported hundreds of thousands of non capped, consumables need about 20000 yuan, the rest to the operator, this industry is no longer a violent industry, spray painting earn more than 1 yuan per square, banners live less and less, Most of them have been changed to LED scrolling screen. When changing the content, just change it on the computer. More and more people don't make banners. The industry is becoming more and more transparent. Since you have a relationship, it's better to recruit two designers. You can find a relationship to enliven the designer's design/
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In terms of regions, there are urban led, Wall brand, bus stop, bus body, light pole, flag, minute frame, etc., airport high-speed column, airport indoor light box, flag, booth, glue, etc., suburban and high-speed column and brand, etc.
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Look at your installation height!
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Where can editors adjust? This is an editing problem
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This kind of problem is more vague, because there are many kinds of IED advertisements, such as outdoor wall ied advertisements, bus shelters ied advertisements, and high-speed rail, subway station hall led advertisements. In addition to these differences, the IED advertising screen is also divided into the size of the area, the geographical location and so on. I am Omnimedia. I have done a lot of LED advertising before, and the prices range from more than 100000 to several million. The specific rent depends on the specific area, the area and the carrier
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There is weak electromagnetic radiation, which has no effect on human body. The radiation distance is very short.
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It should not be poisoning, maybe some software has been installed, or DNS has been hijacked
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It does have an impact! Last time when I was riding a bike, I suddenly saw a flash in front of me. I was shocked. When I looked carefully, it was the LED advertising screen of the advertising car on the street that was flashing
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On the crescent glass
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LED display is generally used on some billboards. So if you are looking for customers, you'd better go to those companies that specialize in making billboards. You can also find some advertising design companies. They will certainly have some billboard partners, so you can also find some billboard companies.
Author:Nong Xiuli   Time:2021-08-02 11:23 Browse(null)
Billboards with three sides are made of aluminum alloy. If they are ordinary, most of them are made of angle steel and angle iron. You can go to to make billboards
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If you want to find someone to design advertisements and find affordable ones, I recommend you to go to chuangtufang. The price is not so high, and there is no saying about what you do. All the designs of our company are operated by them all the time. Search "chuangtufang" directly on the Internet
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