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New media in the advertising industry refers to the Internet advertising, text
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New media advertising forms:
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It's new media. A lot of online advertisements plan outdoor media as new media. I'm also an advertiser. The company is making new media. It's mobile Bluetooth media
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It mainly depends on your target customers. If they belong to people with higher income, platform ads and led ads are not suitable, because people drive directly into the garage and don't pay attention to the platform, then T-type ads are better, or radio ads can be heard by car owners. If it is aimed at the general public, platform advertising is not expensive, square LED large screen advertising can also be considered, and T-type advertising is not easy to be noticed. Mobile TV will make do with it. There is also an important office elevator TV advertising, anyway, the only way to work, do not have to see.
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New media advertising form: electronic menu new media: take the tablet computer, pad and iPad electronic menu in the middle and high-end restaurants as the media, increase the public awareness of the brand through high-definition big picture, 3D effect, video effect, audio effect, hyperlink effect and TV program effect, and face the high-income crowd, so as to achieve the best effect of brand communication, Making full use of the concept of fashion is by far the youngest and most fashionable new media. Outdoor new media: at present, outdoor new media advertising includes outdoor video, outdoor projection, outdoor touch, etc. these outdoor new media contain some outdoor interactive factors, in order to achieve/
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According to the location of the building, the common forms of building advertising can be divided into two types: inside and outside the building. Outside the building, there are light box advertising, frame advertising, LED screen advertising and wall advertising; The main forms of advertising in buildings are elevator advertising, including elevator frame advertising, elevator door advertising and elevator LCD advertising. The following is a brief introduction to various forms of building advertisements:
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