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Hello, according to different models, the price will vary. The size of the car is about 5 meters, and the price of the standard configuration is 60000-80000 (the screen can be about 4 square meters). The size of the medium-sized car is 6 meters, and the price of the standard configuration is 120000-180000 (the screen can be about 7 square meters). The LED advertising car can also be equipped with screen lift, stage and generator, It can also be equipped with battery power supply system.
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High coverage
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LED advertising car is a product of the rise of LED industry in recent years. It is a new media which combines the car with large LED display screen, 3D video animation form, rich and diverse content, real-time display of graphic information, and can carry out mobile advertising.
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Can buy, both parties change the ownership of the vehicle based on the vehicle sales contract relationship.
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Advertising car publicity car is a special vehicle for advertising, such as buses, bicycles can be used for advertising. Mainly to roll propaganda car, LED advertising car as the leading.
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One of the advantages of LED advertising car is that it can change the location and video information at any time. So you can choose to use it in the rush hour when the streets to broadcast advertising, can also be combined with the stage show, performance show to do outdoor publicity performance use, spread a wide range, and no time limit, once put into repeated use, the communication effect is quite good.
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Advertising car brands are divided into Foton, Dongfeng, Jianghuai, Jiangling and Qingling. At the same time, they are also divided into small, medium and large models. Generally, small and medium-sized advertising cars sell more.
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It depends on what kind of chassis to refit, how large the LED screen and how high the resolution of the screen needs to be. Now, we usually use 4.2-meter-long advertising cars, which is the biggest blue brand car can do. The screen is 6.8 m2.
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LED advertising car also belongs to outdoor advertising. According to the analysis report on market prospect and investment planning of China's outdoor advertising industry from 2016 to 2021,
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There are a lot of advertising cars all over the country now. In a county-level city, there are only three full-color advertising cars.
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Outdoor LED advertising car is a special car. For more details, please see the user's name
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This is not necessarily the case. According to the different advertising companies, different regions and time of delivery. The charge is totally different. The specific price can only be obtained after the actual negotiation with the advertising company.
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Just on the license, to the Public Security Bureau for the record, and then to the City Management Bureau registration can be, you can go on the road publicity, make money
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There are so many in the country. One is powered, that is, the truck has been refitted. The other is unpowered and needs to use a tractor; Shanghai Jingxiang LED advertising car, LED advertising car, the company is a professional engaged in LED advertising car research and development, production, LED advertising car sales, LED advertising car rental and vehicle led commercial operation as one of the company;
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Outdoor LED advertising cars represent the future of low-carbon economy
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The earliest ones were some walls and light boxes;
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There are mainly the following types:
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