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As long as it is carried out outdoors, people, streaming media, spray painting, light box,... Which has a promotional effect on products, billboards are the most common and practical.
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1. Electric sign advertisement
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Generally speaking, high-end media
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That's right. Generally speaking, the advertising industry classifies the elevator advertising (the LCD at the elevator entrance and the frame billboard inside the elevator) into outdoor advertising.
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Types: roadside billboard, high column billboard, light box, neon billboard, led billboard, launch balloon, airship, etc. Features: high arrival rate, strong visual impact, long release period, low cost per thousand people, high urban coverage.
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Outdoor advertising
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[Anhui media network]
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Zhengzhou Shendiao No.1 logo Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of luminous characters and Blister light boxes.
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You can consult Guangzhou Caijie Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. for their professional LED advertising signboard light box production technology training
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I Jimo front advertising company (registered) you should be high LED electronic dot matrix rolling screen, now Jimo's market price is 1300-1500 yuan per square meter, the price difference is very large in various regions, China's largest LED production area is Shandong Weifang, where it will be relatively cheap, but shipping to Jinan, shipping fees are quite high, basically and you in Jinan local almost. It is suggested that you go to your local advertising company and ask. It's better not to find a big advertising company. The price of a big company will be relatively expensive. It's OK to find a medium one, which can not only guarantee the quality, but also save part of the cost.
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Features of LED display screen for spray painting advertisement:
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It's called single red bar screen. Our company produces it. The price depends on how big your screen is. The lower the maximum price is. In general, our company gives customers the price of 2400 per square meter, but if the screen is large, it can be further reduced.
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In short, it's the electronic display screen.
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The types of billboards are as follows:
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You can consult the local users who have done this type of work, and you can easily and quickly understand the information you want. In addition, you can also go to yingmu to learn about it. As far as I know, it has been done well in recent years.
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Outdoor advertising is a typical form of urban advertising. With the development of social economy, outdoor advertising is not only a media means for the development of advertising industry, but also an important part of the layout of modern urban environment construction. The application of computer spray painting technology in outdoor advertising has greatly improved the production level and expressiveness of outdoor advertising. It complements the beautification of the city, the layout of shops and the connection of streets, and becomes another landscape of modern metropolis. With the continuous development of science and technology, the development and popularization of computer photo spray advertising and flexible light box advertising, three swivel billboard/
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[by building]
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Generally, outdoor advertisements are called outdoor advertisements. Common outdoor advertisements include: roadside billboards, high column billboards (commonly known as anti-aircraft guns), light boxes, neon billboards, led billboards, outdoor TV walls, etc. now there are even advanced outdoor advertisements such as balloon and airship.
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