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You need hundreds of thousands of funds to try, otherwise it's very difficult to do. As for simple word frame, it's much simpler. The voltage drop of single tube is 1.75v, and the general current is 17mA
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Professional LED manufacturer 075527740005/
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As a common outdoor billboard, LED graphic advertising screen is the media equipment with the best brightness. It has the advantages of good stability, low consumption and wide radiation range. It is the most suitable product for outdoor information dissemination. Basically, the common LED display screen includes advertising screen, strip screen, picture screen and so on, which is also the first choice for urban life and brightness.
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PLC should be used in industry, single chip microcomputer is used in the control of electrical equipment with low precision. You said the big screen control should be a computer, the ability of single-chip microcomputer is relatively insufficient here, but there must be single-chip microcomputer in the screen
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That depends on where you install the advertisement. Basically, you need to go to the urban management approval location and industrial and commercial registration. The rest are attached and need to be sealed. It's mainly the urban management department. If you want to understand it clearly, you'd better go to the local urban management department to find out/
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It's only part of it.
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How to operate LED large screen advertising, this problem is very extensive! Here are my suggestions:
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Directly contact the owner of the station display screen, or the advertising company. He will tell you what he needs. Generally, there is an advertising contact number under the display screen. If not, you can ask the station staff.
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It's a chip brother, not a line to line conversion. That one was converted with a dedicated chip. You can baidu Kirin electronic seems to be only 10 yuan, he there I have seen
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If you use software to make effects, you must first set the screen parameters. You should plug in an SD card for the card reader. As for the capacity, it's OK within 4G, but it's not clear if it's larger than 4G. The effect file only takes up a few hundred KB or a few meters, so you can just find a USB flash disk or a card reader with an SD card
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How to play the LED display regularly:
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Problem analysis: pop up download software window, often caused by the user installed some implanted advertising games or software
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The method is as follows
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App advertising form:
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The advertising department of CCTV has launched the "green advertising logo of CCTV". The "green advertising logo" of CCTV has evolved from the English letter ad (abbreviation of the English word "advertising") into the word "heart", which has the meaning of "advertising with heart". At the same time, a also represents the best, indicating that all advertisements that have passed the "green advertising logo" can enter the ranks of top domestic advertisements
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Subway LED electronic screen is mainly distributed in
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With 360 or net master
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Banner ad (banner)
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There are a lot of push ads on mobile phones, which are very troublesome. In the past, they were blocked by root and other means, but now it's much more convenient. You can download the 1.8 version of Purification Master. This new version of Purification Master perfectly solves the problem that users want to block the notice bar ads and worry about the insecurity after root. It achieves the goal of blocking the notice bar ads without root and blocking video ads with zero threshold Game plug-in ads and video pre ads. It's a great blessing for the drama chasing party and the game playing party. You can also try it.
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