Outdoor advertisement

Author:Yu Jinrong   Time:2021-10-04 16:50 Browse(null)
You can start with the characteristics of the car body advertisement and the waiting booth advertisement to analyze for customers
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Anhui media network is good. You can go and have a look.
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Zhengzhou bus advertisement, private letter
Author:Jiang Lijun   Time:2021-10-03 16:50 Browse(null)
With the continuous development of science and technology, outdoor advertising is becoming more and more popular in today's society. There are many kinds of outdoor advertising, and different kinds of outdoor advertising use different purposes. Let's introduce Hefei luminous word company.
Author:Tong Xiaoxia   Time:2021-10-03 16:48 Browse(null)
Outdoor advertising is a way of advertising which is easy to make consumers produce visual effects. Outdoor advertising design has always put creativity in the first place. In recent years, many excellent outdoor advertising works in China have won many awards in international and domestic advertising competitions, showing people the charm of outdoor advertising creativity. Nowadays, the cultural and creative industries are paid more attention, and the market value of outdoor advertising can not be underestimated.
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outdoor advertising
Author:Li Liyu   Time:2021-10-03 15:42 Browse(null)
Weak solvent PP synthetic paper can be used outdoors. Conventional width 914, 1070, 1270, 1520, etc.
Author:Chen Jing   Time:2021-10-03 11:20 Browse(null)
Do you want a list of customers? Baidu there is such a shortcut.
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75% of advertisements are useless, but it's not enough if enterprises don't do them.
Author:Huazai   Time:2021-10-03 08:04 Browse(null)
In outdoor advertising, graphics can attract people's attention most, so graphic design is particularly important in outdoor advertising design. Its design is completely different from the advertisement copy design of newspapers, magazines and other media, because people can't have more time to read in the mobile state, so outdoor advertisement copy strive to be concise and powerful, with more eye-catching subject words to remind the audience, and then attach a few short and powerful sentences with the text.
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Just print pictures normally
Author:Jiang Haibo   Time:2021-10-02 14:36 Browse(null)
It's outdoor advertising. You can't publish it. The studio doesn't have the right to publish it
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1. Establish brand image, strengthen corporate image and leading position in similar products
Author:Mr.Wang   Time:2021-10-02 11:21 Browse(null)
Traditional outdoor advertising is mainly based on light box film, which needs to produce advertising; Modern outdoor advertising is basically a mathematical light box, without production, the design screen can be put in.
Author:Hu Fang   Time:2021-10-02 11:20 Browse(null)
Bus display screen, business super screen, subway car
Author:Chen Shuxing   Time:2021-10-02 10:17 Browse(null)
Outdoor media is nothing more than "new" and "strange".
Author:Liu Bin   Time:2021-10-02 08:01 Browse(null)
If you want to hang the electronic screen, you must get the ownership of this position. You can't hang it casually, otherwise you will be fined. Is this sign yours? If so, the situation is still very optimistic, as long as it is negotiated. Now the electronic screen really belongs to the outdoor media industry, you can also go to eagle eye consulting, it is still very authoritative in this respect.
Author:Xu Yan   Time:2021-10-01 17:57 Browse(null)
In the face of many enterprises in the promotion of products, have begun to take outdoor advertising as one of the preferred release media, in the face of outdoor advertising momentum of development, we must understand that the outdoor advertising industry competition will be more intense, and the essence of its competition, from the perspective of advertising effect, is naturally for people's "attention".
Author:Wan Guosheng   Time:2021-10-01 16:53 Browse(null)
There are more outdoor advertisements
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