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LED advertising is a kind of outdoor advertising media with strong penetration. According to the 2011 survey data of China market and media research, at least 75% of the major cities in China
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In today's Internet era, big data technology has gradually matured and is breaking what you call "untraceable effect". If the media monitoring data can be falsified, the sales data and store arrival data can not be falsified, so there is still a better way.
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There are a lot of outdoor advertisements on large LED double flip display screen, but the price difference between p12 and p16 is not big. Within 200 yuan, please add QQ: 1514194448
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This advertisement needs to be approved by the government, but now the government generally supports the LED display. If you charge for the LED advertisement, it depends on the size of your LED display, its geographical location (passenger flow and traffic flow, etc.), and the effect of the display (full-color, two-color, monochrome prices are different). Generally, the full-color display is commonly used
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To maximize the delivery effect, it's best to match with accurate users. In this way, the requirements for channels are very high. You need a platform that can provide crowd labels to help you achieve accurate delivery to increase the delivery effect. Of course, advertising materials are also particularly important, which needs constant adjustment.
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Please carefully consider investment and know the current market and your customer resources in advance. After the screen is completed, you must have stable customer resources to make profits! Again, you choose cost-effective products, do not blindly pursue price, if your display effect is not good, no one will put advertising to you!
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