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Outdoor billboard is a good advertising media. First of all, we should recognize our own advantages, such as the location, location and size of the first-class advertisement, and what is the advertising arrival rate for customers; What are the shortcomings? What means can be used to make up for these shortcomings? This is to tell the customer clearly, so that the customer can understand the value of your billboard; Second, target customers should be identified. Most outdoor advertisements are aimed at large enterprises, such as automobile and shopping malls; Third, we need to go to each enterprise to run the market, that is to run the business! That's about it. Other details/
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Outdoor large-scale spray painting and computer draft production
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I agree with the two people on the floor. If you use vector software, don't forget to output TIFF pictures to spray painting companies. Most spray painting companies have already used four-color spray painting. CMYK mode is OK. If you use three color inkjet, after the file is laminated, it will be changed to CMY three color by calculation or channel mixer. If the file is too large for transmission, JPG can also be used, and the compression rate should not be too low, and the minimum compression rate should not be less than 6.
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There are two kinds of pictures, bitmap and vector;
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Enough pixels, but it must be the original size. The most direct way is to use real pixels. As long as the image is not empty, you can spray paint
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There may be some differences in the resolution setting of Oboo outdoor advertising machines with different screen sizes, so the screen size can be set according to the resolution
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Outdoor advertisements are everywhere. They are compulsive, have no choice and have to be seen. You can see them as long as you open your eyes
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If we make large outdoor signboards on the roof, our usual practice is to use high-grade angle iron as the bottom and weld trapezoidal keel. Color steel gusset plate or aluminum alloy gusset plate horizontal or vertical board room, above the installation of luminous words, metal words. Or, outdoor photo film can also, this practice is not easy to catch wind, use a long time. Spray painting cloth or other close arrangement methods, high wind resistance coefficient requirements, not resistant to use.
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1. Size: inkjet image size and actual requirements of the screen size is the same, it is different from printing, do not need to leave "bleeding" part. Inkjet printing companies generally leave "white edge" in the output picture (generally 10cm). You can and inkjet output company agreed to leave how many centimeters of the edge used to make "buttonholes.". The price is calculated per square meter, so the screen size is in centimeters. The output image does not need "bleeding", but can be drawn according to the actual size.
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Advantages of outdoor large-scale electronic display screen for advertising:
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Advantages of outdoor large-scale electronic display screen for advertising:
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Advantages of outdoor large-scale electronic display screen for advertising:
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Zhengzhou printing, Zhengzhou printing factory, Zhengzhou packaging printing, Zhengzhou carton factory, Hongxiang color printing packaging
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Features of LED display screen for spray painting advertisement:
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advantages of outdoor large-scale electronic display screen for advertising:
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Advantages of outdoor large-scale electronic display screen for advertising:
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I do graphic design. According to my experience, I don't need to buy these equipment when I run an advertising company.
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Advantages of outdoor large-scale electronic display screen for advertising:
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