It's in general software. The setting effect is quite comprehensive
Author:Li Daoyou   Time:2021-10-10 11:21 Browse(null)
Jingjiang LED electronic display manufacturers are currently relatively well-known in the country for the time being, if you want those small dealers, it can not count!
Author:Doll a bin   Time:2021-09-21 10:15 Browse(null)
Generally connected to the computer, the computer installed the corresponding software, input Chinese characters, click upload to the LED display, you can display.
Author:Shao Shan   Time:2021-09-19 08:03 Browse(null)
According to different regions, different brands, different colors and models of unit boards, the unit price per square meter is also different, from more than 2000 to more than 5000. Please contact the local advertising company for consultation and installation according to your actual needs/
Author:Bao Shanju   Time:2021-09-18 16:52 Browse(null)
It depends on what you say. If you find an advertising company to install it, it will cost 1600 yuan per square meter, including installation and repair for one year. If you buy it yourself, it will only cost several hundred yuan per square meter.
Author:Yang Na   Time:2021-09-18 12:25 Browse(null)
Who pressed it for you? Who are you looking for~
Author:HJKHJK   Time:2021-09-17 13:33 Browse(null)
The doors are all P10 now.. Government banks use this.. High brightness.. The price is the cheapest in the display.. The effect is also the most intuitive.. Hope to help you.. I worked in an LED company for more than 4 years.. Hope to help you. If the quality of the product will not be determined.. The price will not be grasped. I don't know the technology. You can ask me.. I'm willing to give you advice..
Author:Sandman   Time:2021-09-15 15:43 Browse(null)
If an advertisement is set up without approval and is not demolished within the time limit, it shall be demolished and fined according to law.
Author:Ye Guangming   Time:2021-09-14 17:56 Browse(null)
Long gelida technology, professional production of LED display, led door
Author:Tang Minli   Time:2021-09-10 09:31 Browse(null)
Outdoor door electronic LED display also belongs to outdoor advertising.
Author:butterfly   Time:2021-09-09 08:01 Browse(null)
When making the screen, the technician will give you a CD, which contains the software to configure the display. After installing this software, connect the display with the computer through the network cable or serial port, and you can change and preview on the computer. It's very simple
Author:Dai Xing   Time:2021-09-06 08:03 Browse(null)
Original publisher: mabil
Author:Jiang Zhifeng   Time:2021-09-06 08:01 Browse(null)
If it is city trade, more vigorous still go
Author:Song Ziqiang   Time:2021-09-04 17:59 Browse(null)
If it is city trade, more vigorous still go
Author:Lu Shuo   Time:2021-09-03 17:56 Browse(null)
If it is city trade, more vigorous still go
Author:Wang Ruimei   Time:2021-09-02 13:34 Browse(null)
If it is city trade, more vigorous still go
Author:Fu Shaofang   Time:2021-09-02 09:28 Browse(null)
"Ruidao brothers", I compared several selected companies and felt that all aspects were very good
Author:Gao Wenchao   Time:2021-08-31 09:37 Browse(null)
Of course, the control board should also be connected to the power supply. If it is not connected to the control board, it cannot send data to the control board.
Author:Cao Xiwen   Time:2021-08-20 14:37 Browse(null)
Requirements of LED display screen procurement
Author:Li Guodong   Time:2021-08-18 15:43 Browse(null)
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