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With the development of economy, the forms of outdoor advertising are more and more abundant. The main popular forms of outdoor advertising are: bus shelters, light boxes on both sides of the road, big brand advertising space, roadside billboards, high column billboards (commonly known as anti-aircraft guns), light boxes, neon billboards, LED billboards, etc. After a period of rapid development, the speed of outdoor advertising has slowed down, and the competitive market has gradually shifted to the second and third tier cities. There are many advantages of outdoor advertising: low cost per thousand people, various forms, unlimited creativity, size, location and impact. Here do not do too much paste copy, detailed advantages can go to see, understand more thoroughly, I hope you/
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As the name suggests, outdoor advertising is a form of promoting the sale of products by using light box, big brand advertising, large screen display and other means to show brand, product and other advertising on the outer wall, glass and top of buildings with large traffic flow.
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Is the electronic display screen a color screen or a single or double color screen? I know there are many local electronic screens, but they are all taken back from the outside for you to install. You can take the goods directly from the electronic screen factory and then hang them up. That's better!
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Jiujiang Longxiang advertising decoration Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in R & D and production of new advertising luminous characters, and is engaged in the design and construction of urban lighting engineering. Since its establishment, it has been committed to the R & D and application of new materials and new technologies in the advertising logo industry. After years of unremitting efforts, we have successfully developed a series of products, such as applied resin materials, environmental friendly and energy-saving LED resin luminous characters, ultra-thin resin luminous light box, resin luminous logo and so on. We have created a new era in the production of luminous characters and luminous logos, greatly improved the process level and product quality of logo production, and made luminous logo production more perfect and rich/
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In yaquehu community, Shuangyong Road, Kaifu District, there is an advertisement for orange maple, making an electronic signboard
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Making method of LED billboard
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Power cord, electric drill, make colorful signboard: fix the purchased molding iron sheet characters to the right position, this step is more difficult and systematic, the general led center spacing is. Test aging.
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1: Advertising light box, outdoor light box production method
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There are two ways of operation, one is to find customers, the other is to make good advertising and other customers.
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Electronic light box
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You don't have to learn the electronic light box
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I've also studied this problem. I'll probably talk about the advantages of LED display. Well, I can't tell why. You can find it online
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If LED screen and light box are accounted as fixed assets, materials are engineering materials.
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You can consult Guangzhou Caijie Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. for their professional LED advertising signboard light box production technology training
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There are many kinds of dynamic light box, including El dynamic light box, LED dynamic light box and LED dynamic light box.
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You can choose from the following products
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There are three main factors influencing the price of subway advertisement: the form of subway advertisement, the position of subway advertisement and the period of advertisement
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