customer value

Outdoor billboard is a good advertising media. First of all, we should recognize our own advantages, such as the location, location and size of the first-class advertisement, and what is the advertising arrival rate for customers; What are the shortcomings? What means can be used to make up for these shortcomings? This is to tell the customer clearly, so that the customer can understand the value of your billboard; Second, target customers should be identified. Most outdoor advertisements are aimed at large enterprises, such as automobile and shopping malls; Third, we need to go to each enterprise to run the market, that is to run the business! That's about it. Other details/
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To maximize the delivery effect, it's best to match with accurate users. In this way, the requirements for channels are very high. You need a platform that can provide crowd labels to help you achieve accurate delivery to increase the delivery effect. Of course, advertising materials are also particularly important, which needs constant adjustment.
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