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Self made 16 * 32 LED dot matrix electronic display design. It's a work of God on the Internet. You can have a look
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Since the advent of SCM in the 1970s, it has attracted people's attention and attention with extremely high performance price ratio, so it has been widely used and developed rapidly. The characteristics of single chip microcomputer are small volume, high integration, light weight, strong anti-interference ability, low environmental requirements, low price, high reliability, good flexibility and easy development. Because SCM has so many advantages, so its wide application field, almost to the point of penetration. In our country, SCM has been widely used in industrial automation control, automatic detection, intelligent instruments, intelligent household appliances, aerospace systems, national defense and military, sophisticated weapons, etc/
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It's easy. Install clips on both sides of the screen, slide rails on both sides of the wall, push them from the bottom up, and install positioning clips on the bottom.
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The 50 meter conference room is not too big. It's enough to make a large screen of ten or twenty square meters. For the model, you can choose P5. For the budget, you can choose P4 or P3. Finally, how much can be done depends on the space of the installation location. The owner can find a local engineer for information and ask the price by the way.
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I have been to Mairui optoelectronics, a large-scale, independent industrial park with a production area of more than 40000 square meters. The first to fifth floors are all LED display production workshops, the first is aging workshop, and the sixth floor is office area and exhibition hall. Their exhibition hall is also very beautiful and spacious. The quality of LED display is very good, the picture is clear and the color is consistent. We can go and investigate.
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LED can only have potential. The industry is now in a mess. Because there are too many individuals and the threshold is too low, anyone can do it. The technology is uneven and the price drops again and again. As a result, the technology professionals can not have a good price positioning, and the technology professionals even have no technology are too extensive. Therefore, it is not easy to maintain the industry. It is time to reshuffle
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In other words, what is the difference between the two?
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LED is light-emitting diodes. Three different colors of LED diodes are used to form a picture. The disadvantage is that the picture is rough and the color restoration is not accurate. The advantage is that the brightness is high and the price is much lower than that of liquid crystal
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Beijing Jianhong Weiye Advertising Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production, sales, design, production and installation of LED billboards, LED displays, LED large screens and LED electronic light boxes
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The difference between indoor and outdoor use of monochrome LED electronic display screen:
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