TV maintenance

The TV screen is broken. As long as the shell is good and the circuit is normal, replace it with a new TV screen of the same specification
Author:Sun Xuemei   Time:2021-10-14 09:42 Browse(null)
LCD TV screen is damaged. It is not recommended to replace it. Because this can only be replaced by the TV manufacturer, mainly because the LCD TV screen size, specification, model, even if the backlight is led, the number of lamps may be different, general daily home appliance maintenance department does not have ready-made screen to replace.
Author:Zhang Yuanji   Time:2021-10-07 10:15 Browse(null)
Very good ~ ~ in use ~ ~ nothing bad ~ ~ you can ask some specific, I give you answer ~ ~ I use 60
Author:Tao Qinqin   Time:2021-09-10 16:50 Browse(null)
We bought Samsung's 40 inch LCD TV in May 2009 (it was only used in early July). In September 2010, the TV appeared black screen phenomenon ~ ~ the maintenance personnel came to the door to check that the power supply board was broken and needed to be replaced. It cost 600 yuan. After more than a year, the power panel broke down and could not be repaired but replaced. We really couldn't accept it, so we complained to the industry and Commerce Department. After coordination, the headquarters agreed to replace the power panel for us at a price of 500 yuan, and promised to arrange maintenance personnel to provide on-site service within seven days. But seven days later, we didn't see anyone. We contacted Samsung and said that we had to pay a deposit of 300 yuan before we could replace it five days later. What's more, it's even more irritating,
Author:doudoukakabu   Time:2021-08-20 11:23 Browse(null)
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