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LCD is just the abbreviation of LCD TV. Now led tv on the market is only backlight LED, which is not called LED TV. Lx330 and lx440 are new models of this year. Lx440 has intelligent TV and network interface. Lx330 doesn't have network interface. Nx330 is an old model. It has the same function as lx330. These models are all LED backlight TV/
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Sharp lcd-60ds51a TV realizes the perfect combination of display technology and intelligent functions, and is deeply loved by consumers for its intelligent functions such as video on demand, network search, games and social networking. A large number of entertainment, life, finance, news, games and other applications can provide a wide range of services. It also has a powerful network video on demand service, covering movies, high-definition movies, TV dramas, variety shows, sports, documentary films and other massive content, with rich choices.
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Sharp TV's reputation has always been very good, and the industry evaluation is also very high. This sharp lcd-40ds20a TV is equipped with X super crystal panel. Through sharp's unique light transmission technology, it precisely controls the deflection direction of liquid crystal molecules, effectively improves the utilization rate of light and the opening rate of liquid crystal molecules, so that more light can pass through the liquid crystal panel, has higher peak brightness, and makes white clearer.
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Sharp's good. Sony can't produce panels by itself. The panels are all made in Taiwan. Sharp is the father of LCD, and the panels are all imported from Japan/
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This kind of question, should consider the software question first, should first use the normal memory data to write again, then looks at other questions
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The projector is quite cool, sleeping on the bed, watching movies from the ceiling, and the size of the projection can be adjusted large or small/
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Theoretically speaking, the biggest advantage of LCD projector is that the three primary colors of red, green and blue are completed by three separate LCD panels, which can control the brightness and contrast of each color separately, and the three colors can reach the screen almost at the same time, so it can reproduce all kinds of colors. The color separation of single-chip DLP projector is realized by a color separation wheel. The three color light is modulated and reflected by the same micro mirror, so the three color light reaches the screen in time. Due to the limitation of the rotation speed of the color separation wheel and the deflection speed of the micro mirror, there is a certain gap in color reproduction compared with LCD projector. Especially in the display of dynamic video images, because the image refresh speed is relatively fast/
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