Computer LCD screen

This machine has been out of production for a long time. I don't think I can sell it. If I have a prototype, I can wait. Sharp will soon have a small size led, and the effect will be better
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The application of LED light source, in the projector, the most important significance is to open up a new way for the miniaturization of the fuselage. Due to the small size of LED light source and the advantages of many display technologies, it is more suitable for the development of small projectors or even components, making the projection of users more "portable" and "free".
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The difference between projector and projector is as follows:
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LED is better, LED can be thinner, and the uniformity of light is better. At present, better displays have fully used LED as the standard.
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1. LCD and TFT
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In the electronic industry, backlight is a form of lighting, which is often used in LCD display. The difference between the backlight and the front light is that the backlight shines from the side or the back, while the front light shines from the front as the name suggests. They are used to increase illumination in low light environments and brightness on computer monitors and liquid crystal screens, producing light in a way similar to CRT displays.
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1. LCD and TFT
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1. LCD and TFT
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1. Price
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Among the refrigerators, air conditioners and color TV sets, only the color TV sets are not labeled with energy efficiency labels. However, new energy efficiency standards for color TV sets are being formulated and are expected to be implemented as soon as the end of December. It is reported that the upcoming TV energy efficiency standard divides the energy efficiency level of flat panel TV into three levels, of which the first level product is the target value, which is equivalent to the highest energy-saving level of similar products in the current market; The second level is the evaluation level, which is higher than the average level of product market; The third level is the market access level, namely the access threshold.
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LCD projector is the product of the combination of LCD display technology and projection technology. It uses the electro-optic effect of liquid crystal to control the transmission and reflectivity of the liquid crystal unit through the circuit, so as to produce beautiful images with different gray levels and up to 16.7 million colors. The main imaging device of LCD projector is LCD board. The size of LCD projector depends on the size of LCD board. The smaller the LCD board is, the smaller the projector is.
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1、 What is LCD
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1、 What does the IPS screen mean
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It depends on how many inches you have..
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What is led?
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The screen resolution has changed from 720p / 1080p to QHD or 4K, but the competition between LCD and AMOLED screen materials is still very hot. Vivo
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