LCD splicing screen

LED display is a good choice for meeting room at present.
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Most LCD monitors are equipped with audio input, S-Video input, RGB component input, etc. except for the audio input monitoring system, most of the other functions are used for image processing. There are two kinds of monitors: liquid crystal monitor (LCD) and picture tube monitor (CRT). The sizes of LCD monitors are 15, 17, 19, 20.1, 22, 26, 32, 43, 55 and 65 inches, and the commonly used ones are 27, 32 and 43 inches.
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Very reliable. I have done many indoor large screen projects with them, and the effect is good.
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Chongqing Huanqing Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2008, is located in Chongqing Shiqiaopu IT business district. Is a research and development, production, sales in one of the high-tech enterprises, factory set up in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, independent production of 46, 55 inch LCD splicing display, 32-82 inch Industrial LCD, multi screen splicing processor, video matrix, vag matrix. At the same time, the company is the general agent of Samsung commercial LCD in Chongqing and the exclusive general agent of sharp commercial LCD in Southwest China. The company focuses on the promotion and application of LCD splicing system and has rich experience and skills in LCD application. The national service hotline is/
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According to the use of the site to decide, if the use of site light is strong, then use high light, generally, low light can meet.
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Chongqing Huanqing technology is very good. They are the general agent of Samsung LCD splicing screen in Chongqing, and the general agent of sharp 60 Inch LCD splicing screen in Southwest China
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The minimum is 3:00, generally 5.5. The price depends on what kind of products to match, how to get the video signal source, how many channels, etc
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Xinhong is a long-term government purchaser of LCD splicing display video system. Xinhong company mainly produces LCD splicing screen, ultra narrow edge LCD splicing screen (5.3mm seam), DLP splicing screen, plasma splicing screen, LCD monitor, splicing processor, matrix, etc,
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The splicing screen is a complete LCD splicing display unit, which can be used as a separate display or as a large LCD splicing screen. According to different use requirements, it can realize variable large screen function: single screen split display, single screen separate display, arbitrary combination display, full screen LCD splicing, vertical screen display, and image frame can be compensated or covered.
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You can find this website is specialized in providing LCD splicing, LCD splicing screen, LCD splicing wall, large screen, large screen splicing, bosv BSV, DLP large screen splicing, large screen projection fusion products. You can find many electronic display products on it. I wish you find your favorite products
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Saier video professional LCD splicing guide experts remind you:
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Maybe users have noticed that the ambient temperature and humidity will be emphasized in the parameters of LCD splicing screen, but whether in the installation or use process of LCD splicing screen, the ambient temperature and humidity have not been paid attention to by users! In fact, this is a very bad habit, because at present, the liquid crystal materials used for LCD splicing screen are thermotropic liquid crystal materials, which have their own temperature range in use and storage. Once the temperature range exceeds the specified range, the liquid crystal material will lose its liquid crystal state and cannot work normally, and sometimes the LCD splicing screen devices will be damaged, bringing inconvenience and unnecessary losses to users. Next, I'd like to give you a detailed analysis of the LCD splicing screen on the temperature/
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Chongqing Huanqing technology, professional Samsung LCD splicing.
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According to different use requirements, LCD splicing can realize variable large screen function: single screen split display, single screen separate display, arbitrary combination display, full screen LCD splicing, double splicing LCD splicing screen, vertical display
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LCD screens suitable for splicing are: Samsung's 40 inch, 46 inch, 55 inch; LG's 42 "and 47"; Sharp's 52 Inch and 60 Inch LCD splicing screens are the most commonly used LCD splicing screen brands at present, such as CITIC display, Samsung, sharp, TCL, Skyworth, BSV, LG, Chuangwei Size and specification: 40 inch narrow edge: pm400ux-6a splicing gap: about 20 mm 42 inch narrow edge: pm420ux-6a splicing gap: about 20 mm 46 inch narrow edge: pm460ux-6a splicing gap: about 20 mm 47 inch narrow edge: pm470ux-6a splicing gap: about 20 mm 46 inch ultra narrow edge: pm460ut-6a splicing gap: about 6.7 mm 47 inch ultra narrow edge/
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1、 Features of LCD splicing screen
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With the rapid development of the domestic LCD splicing market and the continuous expansion of the splicing market, people have a lot of knowledge about the cognition of LCD splicing and the basic parameters of LCD splicing
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