Screen technology is really Guishan! Assembled in Taiwan!
Author:rockwillson   Time:2021-09-11 11:20 Browse(null)
It should have been assembled in Japan, but the panel was provided by Taiwan Youda electronics
Author:Zhang Jing   Time:2021-09-11 08:02 Browse(null)
According to the level, the first is sharp ASV, the second is Samsung s-lcd, the third is LG IPS, and the last is Taiwan's Youda and Qimei. At present, the panel utilization rate of flat panel TV is the highest in Taiwan. With the advantage of low price, it is widely used by various brands. But in terms of image quality, it belongs to the medium level. For consumers who choose low-end products, Taiwan screen is the most suitable and practical one for you.
Author:Chen Zhen   Time:2021-08-21 14:39 Browse(null)
Taiwan's panel market is the largest in the world
Author:Liang Xiangju   Time:2021-08-18 09:04 Browse(null)
Youda optoelectronics, Qimei electronics, Zhonghua yingguan, Hanyu Caijing and Guanghui electronics
Author:Henan   Time:2021-08-03 12:30 Browse(null)
Too much, whether it's Japanese, Taiwanese or joint ventures. However, these manufacturers are only assembling, LCD panels can only be made in Taiwan and Japan, and the core technology is not in the mainland. Because the panel production line investment is too high, and the technical threshold is not low. However, it is said that optoelectronics and BOE will enter this market..
Author:Tian Chenyan   Time:2021-07-31 14:40 Browse(null)
Large Taiwan funded enterprises include Youda optoelectronics and Qimei, all of which are TFT makers. If you buy black and white screen, you can consider Shenzhen Yanxiang, delivery and quality are OK
Author:Gao Lin   Time:2021-07-31 09:58 Browse(null)
Youda optoelectronics, Qimei electronics and Hanyu color crystal
Author:Fu Lina   Time:2021-07-06 15:47 Browse(null)
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