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This is not consumer goods. Not suitable.
Author:Yi Shui Chang Liu   Time:2021-10-10 15:47 Browse(null)
Iqiyi is now a big platform with high exposure and precise delivery. At present, tmall, Jingdong, Suning e-buy, vipshop and other major e-businesses are advertising on iqiyi. I am in charge of iqiyi. If you are interested, you can have a chat
Author:qgerq   Time:2021-09-22 14:38 Browse(null)
Go directly to the big screen advertising company to do activities
Author:alina   Time:2021-08-29 16:51 Browse(null)
The length is 1920, the width is 1920. The poster in my shop is 1920 * 600
Author:Zhang Liping   Time:2021-08-28 14:36 Browse(null)
Professional Jingdong decoration
Author:Liang Shan   Time:2021-08-23 08:01 Browse(null)
There is a "template" at the top of the "store modification" page. Click in and the "background" setting is.
Author:Tao Yang   Time:2021-08-22 08:04 Browse(null)
It's best to use SF express to mail this kind of fragile goods. SF express is the best logistics to mail electronic products
Author:Liu Ying   Time:2021-07-28 12:25 Browse(null)
First line brands such as Samsung and ASUS are about 650, which are neither too high nor too low. Second line brands such as Haier, Tsinghua and Tongfang are about 550, and then there are miscellaneous brands 500 capped
Author:Hu Yumei   Time:2021-07-15 21:46 Browse(null)
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