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LED electronic display screen is mainly developed and produced based on the principle of LED diodes. First of all, it mainly explains whether the building is for indoor use or outdoor or semi outdoor use. There are hundreds of brands in China. Of course, the quality of led-2 is reliable and its service life is very long. The normal service life is about 60000-80000 hours. That is to say, even if you work 24 hours a day, you can work for about 10 years. Specific or please explain the use of the site is what type. We can answer your questions!
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It should have been assembled in Japan, but the panel was provided by Taiwan Youda electronics
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Philips exited the projector market six years ago. It was very difficult to repair the projector that Philips bought before. Suggest to buy Japanese brand or domestic brand, good price, easy maintenance, can consult: Dongguan bode Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
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Nanjing Tianjun optoelectronic New Material Co., Ltd. cooperates with Japanese, Korean, Taiwan and domestic brand manufacturers to supply LCD panel materials, LED backlight module materials, including gasket, conductive particles, sealing materials, light diffusion materials, backlight plate, light guide plate, diffuser, reflector, brightening film, protective film, EPP box, EPO box, chemical materials, etc. together with Kunshan, Suzhou, Nanjing, Hefei Yangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Huizhou, Fuzhou, Ningbo, Chengdu, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and other LCD optoelectronic appliance enterprises have long-term supporting facilities.
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Building owner. I have been engaged in LCD TV sales for several years, involving Hisense, Skyworth, sharp, Toshiba and other brands. It's not that I belittle domestic products. I'm sorry to tell you. The most important part of domestic LCD TV, LCD screen (accounting for 70% of LCD TV), is not made in mainland China.
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I personally recommend DLP. The disadvantage of 2113dlp is rainbow eye. However, in recent years, DLP technology 5261 has made great progress, which has greatly reduced the phenomenon of rainbow eye. The drawback of 3lcd is that 4102 is not durable. After 1000 hours, the screen turns yellow and dark. 3lcd has always been the technology of 1653 projectors in Japan, but now many Japanese projector brands have begun to develop and produce DLP projectors, and this letter answer number is still very obvious/
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