software interface

The network cable interface of LED display screen is on the control card. This is the hardware facility. There's no way to change it.
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What you said is not specific enough. If it's only for the computer screen, it's very simple.
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If the mobile phone often automatically pops up push messages / advertisements, it is recommended that you:
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Are you talking about the outdoor LED display
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In this case, a computer should be connected with two monitors. In this case, the user will expand the desktop of the system to two monitors. In this way, the work area will become larger and the visual area will increase. Some software with more operation panels can be used to operate without switching back and forth in the panel, which is often used in multimedia, such as advertising production.
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Different manufacturers use different raw materials, the price will be different. The price difference of display screen mainly lies in lamp chip, driver chip, switching power supply, control software, frame design and so on. Pay more attention to these aspects when buying.
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