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As a product launched by sharp for the mid market, sharp lcd-40ds20a LCD TV adopts the combination of X super crystal panel and light transmission technology, which greatly improves the image quality of the product and presents an excellent visual experience. No matter from which point of view, sharp lcd-40ds20a can show superior performance, vivid colors, bright and clear patterns, bringing a powerful visual enjoyment.
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Sharp's product technology is very advanced. Sharp's lcd-40ds20a TV is equipped with sharp's light transmission technology to improve the clarity of the picture. Sharp's lcd-40ds20a is equipped with sharp's unique light transmission technology, which can precisely control the deflection direction of liquid crystal molecules, effectively improve the utilization rate of light and the opening rate of liquid crystal molecules, so that more light can pass through the liquid crystal panel, So that it has a higher peak brightness, so that the white is clearer.
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It seems that some of the old models used to be made in Taiwan, but now the new models are all made in Japan. I'm not sure
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P awesome LCD TV, SHARP LCD-40DS20A not only shows the power in the interpretation of the picture, but also the sound quality, the digital surround sound technology improves the presence of the sound effect, reproduces the exciting voice of the movie or TV program, and shows the shocking audio-visual effect with the perfect picture. In terms of interface, sharp lcd-40ds20a is equipped with the current mainstream HDMI, USB and other interfaces, which can meet various needs ~ you can take a closer look on the Internet
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OLED is organic light emitting diode (OLED)
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