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Sharp lcd-60uf30a
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Generally speaking, the quality of TV sets of this brand is good. You can see the specific model and configuration.
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Sharp lcd-55s3a
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The TV is very good, the quality is also very good
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You have to make your projector model clear!
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The current mainstream desktop display size and corresponding resolution are as follows
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When you buy LCD, you should not only look at the price, but also pay attention to the angle of view, contrast and the type of input interface.
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Screen size refers to the diagonal length of the LCD screen, in inches. The nominal screen size of LCD is the actual screen size. Notice the diagonal length. 1 meter (about)=3.3 feet
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Laptop size: 12.1 inches, 14.1 inches, 15.1 inches, 13.3 inches, 15.4 inches.
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The screen has no bad points, whether the color of the screen is true, whether the brightness is too dazzling, and whether there is light leakage on the screen.
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TV is one of the most common electrical appliances in family life, and with the continuous progress of science and technology, TV is also gradually developing towards thin and intelligent. LED TV is a kind of LCD TV which adopts LED backlight technology. The display effect of this kind of TV is very powerful. Sharp is a large-scale electronic enterprise manufacturing TV sets. Sharp's LED TV sets have powerful performance and excellent functions. How much is sharp's TV set? How about their performance?
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The iPhone 7 uses IPS
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