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First of all, I'll help you to find out. It seems that you don't understand LCD and led. Computers are usually LCD displays with LED backlight and non LED displays. The price is different. LED screens are more than several times more expensive.
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I'm a LED engineer. Now, LED is relatively mature. 80% of the LEDs in the world are packaged in the mainland, and the price is the cheapest. The LEDs used for backlight of display screen are only a little more than 1 yuan. Now led TVs are so expensive. One is the brand effect (now only brands can be used). In addition, LED display is a new thing. It must be very expensive just now. However, the energy saving of LED is incomparable to that of LTC used in the past, and its service life is also longer. Under the ideal state, the service life of LED can reach 100000 hours, and the light decay is also very good. The white light emitting principle of LED is to use the three/
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The differences are as follows:
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Both modes of white light need blue light, so absorbing blue light has become the key technology to produce white light, which is the "blue light technology" pursued by major LED manufacturing companies. At present, there are only a few manufacturers with "blue light technology" in the world, such as Nichia chemical of Japan, Toyota synthetic of Japan, Cree of the United States, OSRAM of Germany, etc., so the promotion and application of white LED, especially the promotion of high brightness white LED in China, still has a process.
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