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In the past, flat-panel TV is liquid crystal and plasma. Now it looks as if there is another one: the ultra-thin DLP rear projection. Back projection products used to be big, thick and bulky. But now it's different. Not long ago, TCL launched the "dream" series DLP flat panel light display rear projection, one of which is only 17.4cm thick. If the thickness of a 60 inch TV is only a little more than 17 cm, it's not too much to call it a flat-panel TV! The principle of DLP light display TV is to reflect light through millions of small mirrors embedded on a chip the size of a fingernail and project it onto the screen to form an image. These little mirrors/
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Of course, led looks comfortable! LED LCD color TV is not easy to damage, low failure rate, long life, low calorific value, and LCD lamp has a life, the use of high-voltage board failure rate is high, high heat.
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Of course, Hisense and LG are better. They use IPS hard screen. Samsung uses vs soft screen. It's not so good. It's easy to show bad points and tailing. It's better for IPS hard screen
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Samsung TV inquiry model, serial number method: 1. Through the white label on the back of the TV inquiry model, serial number. 2. For some Samsung TVs, press the [PROJECT] key of the remote control (press the [more] key of the smart touch remote control to select [PROJECT]), and then select [support] - contact Samsung in turn to find the model and serial number of the TV on the page. Note: TV models can also be found on the invoice.
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Samsung LED TV is Samsung's latest TV. The latest TV display technology. There are 6000, 7000, 8000 Series.
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Samsung Samsung (South Korea, 1969, China's famous trademark, top 10 LED LCD TV brands), Hisense (China's famous brand, China's famous trademark, top 10 LED LCD TV brands), sharp sharp (Japan, 1912, global leading brand in high-end LCD imaging field), Sony Sony (Japan, 1946, world brand, global leading brand in high-end imaging, LED LCD TV brand)
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After connecting ~ general computer things as long as play TV can show~
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Today's TV is divided into three types: picture tube, plasma and liquid crystal
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The top domestic brand TV manufacturers are: Hisense, Haier, Changhong, Skyworth, TCL, LETV, Xiaomi, Lenovo, etc
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Samsung technology is mature! The picture quality is not as good as my LCD TV. He changed backlight to LED, panel or LCD panel! And it's Taiwan panel. God knows how much profit he made from it. I sympathize with those who have been cheated
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Yes, today's LCD TVs are still LCD, LED is just a hoax, there is no fundamental change, personal feeling is not as good as propaganda. Hisense, Samsung, etc. are all pushing. In fact, the backlight has been changed. It doesn't seem to make any difference to the naked eye
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There are straight down type and side guide type
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It depends on what type you buy. The technology of Chunping is the same now. These brands are OK. If you choose LCD or LED, Hisense is still good. Skyworth can also choose. TCL is not so good. In my 10 years of home appliance maintenance, Hisense preferred (made in Qingdao) Skyworth to choose (made in Shenzhen) TCL.
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Samsung's is better, sharp's is also good, Sony, Panasonic's plasma, domestic TCL
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Domestic LCD TV
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Hisense, one of the top five TV sets in the world, ranks first in domestic sales. SKYWORTH -- Based on Kukai, the sales volume of Android is second only to Hisense. TCL, needless to say, is an old brand. Changhong - the brand is very big, but the development of LCD TV in recent two years seems to be not so good. It is a low price route. Konka - the popularity and market share have dropped a lot, but the quality is not bad. Haier - refrigerators, washing machines and Casati are classics. There are only six well-known brands in China. Tips: if Hisense wants to buy medium, high-end and low-end colors, the brightness is not enough. If Skyworth wants to buy them, it should pay attention not to follow the sales staff's words to drive them. If TCL wants to buy them, it should pay attention to hardware, such as borders/
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How to choose flat panel color TV. The TV we used to watch was basically CRT, and then we had rear projection. Now we go to the store to see that it's all flat panel TV. Here's how to buy flat panel TV: 1. Decide the location of the TV, such as the living room or bedroom. Generally speaking, the size of the TV in the living room is larger than that in the bedroom. Of course, there are different personal hobbies, If you have a TV set, now for the purpose of updating, there is a minimum size selection principle. For example, if you used to watch 29 inches, you can choose 32 inches or more. If you used to watch 34 inches, you can choose 37 inches or more/
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At present, there are many LCD TV brands. When choosing, owners can pay attention to the following points: first, after-sales service. 2、 Judge the bad points. 3、 Select the appropriate display size. 4、 Visual angle. 5、 Response time. As for the brand, the landlord might as well go to the top ten famous brand website 10 China to have a look. It has the latest top ten LCD TV brand ranking and related information. It will be easier to purchase after reference and comparison. Sharp sharp sharp, Sony, Samsung, Skyworth, Hisense and so on are all good.
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Top 10 liquid2113 crystal TV brands (5261, 2008)
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The owner can check the LED backlight LCD TV with IPS hard panel on the Internet. I saw it at a friend's birthday party. The appearance is fine and the picture quality looks good.
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