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Hardware: dual core ARM9
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OLED organic TV adopts a new curved self luminous screen. The most surprising thing is that its thinnest part is only 4.3mm, which is only two or three coins thick,
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LG launched the world's first curved surface OLED TV, LG
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From the perspective of user experience, LED TV is certainly not as good as OLED TV. OLED TV is far superior to LED TV in terms of picture quality and reaction speed, with high quality and higher price. If you want to pursue high-end visual enjoyment, it is obvious that buying OLED is the best choice.
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OLED is an innovative technology. The advantages of OLED TV are lower power consumption, brighter color and wider angle. For example, LCD TV can't see clearly beyond a certain angle range. Although OLED TV has a variety of advantages, but for a new technology, maturity and popularization need a process, including the maintenance and maintenance after application, also need a process, I personally hold a wait-and-see attitude. If economic strength is not a problem, you can have a try
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LCD is the full name of LCD: it includes TFT, ufb, TFD, STN and other types of LCD.
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1. 4K TV refers to a TV with a resolution of 3840 * 2160, which can be LCD or OLED.
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Hello, you are referring to different indicators, which can not be compared. For example, LED backlight refers to the backlight of TV, while 4K refers to the resolution of TV. 4K resolution is 4096 × 2160 pixel resolution, while the curved screen is a form of screen relative to the flat TV screen. What can really be compared is led and OLED. At present, of course, OLED is advanced. Of course, these indicators you put forward are of common concern, and they are also important indicators of TV. You can supplement the relevant knowledge! Hope to help you!
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TV definition is divided into 4K, intelligent, HD, curved surface and OLED. The differences are as follows:
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