They are all diagonals of quantity
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Screen size refers to the diagonal length of the LCD screen, in inches. The nominal screen size of LCD is the actual screen size. Notice the diagonal length. 1 meter (about)=3.3 feet
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1 inch=2.54 cm, they calculate the diagonal length of the screen, so under the condition of the same inch, the area will vary with the aspect ratio
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The diagonal dimension of a picture tube.
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The display size refers to the length of the diagonal line of the display screen.
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Due to the different backlights of 21.5-inch LCD modules, some are led, some are CCFL and some are LCD, but the same size makes different products in every home, and the power is also different. However, it is about 20-35w in general, and 0.5-2w in standby mode. A few hours of electricity is 1000 / 20 -- 35=30 -- 50 hours of electricity
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The size of the monitor refers to the diagonal length of the screen. You can measure the diagonal length (in cm) and divide it by 2.57 inches. For example, 47cm divided by 2.57=18.3, which is 18 inches. 54cm divided by 2.57=21, which is 21 inches.
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