HDMI interface

As long as your LCD TV LED has a VGA interface, you can directly connect the LCD TV with the computer host by using the VGA cable. In addition, if your LCD TV has a DVI interface or HDMI interface, and your computer host has these two interfaces, you can also use the corresponding cable to connect.
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Hello, here are the comments from netizens
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Hello, here are the comments from netizens
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The VGA interface will only be set for Samsung TV before 2011. Users can connect the TV with the computer by using the VGA cable, and then press the [program source] of the TV remote control to select the [PC] mode. Since 2012, VGA interface is no longer set for TVs produced. Users can connect to computers through HDMI interface. If your computer is equipped with HDMI interface, please connect the TV and computer with HDMI signal cable, and then press the [program source] key of the TV remote control to switch to the corresponding HDMI mode. If you are connected with a laptop, you need to switch the screen display/
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At present, the common multimedia projector products can be divided into cathode ray tube projector (cathode ray tube projector)
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At present, the common multimedia projector products can be divided into cathode ray tube projector (cathode ray tube projector)
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As long as the computer host and display have matching video signal input and output interface, they can be connected through the corresponding video data line.
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The HD port is better, but it's not much different. It's hard for the naked eye to distinguish. However, if the owner chooses a display without HDMI, he must choose a display with DVI interface, because the difference between digital signal and analog signal is not small. In addition, if you can get 5870, it's not too bad to buy a monitor with HDMI port. In addition, you are recommended to buy AOC's new IPS LCD, which is much better than TN screen, and the price is not expensive. I'm not AOC's gun, but IPS is the trend. The owner can consider IPS of other brands, but the price is
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Generally speaking, there are four types: VGA (also known as analog signal), DVI (also known as digital signal, divided into DVI-D and DVI-I), HDMI (high definition interface) and DisplayPort (DP). The most common are VGA (blue pin connector with fixed screw) and DVI (white pin connector with fixed screw). HDMI is generally used in high-end high-definition displays, and DP interface is rare. It will be gradually popularized in 2011/
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The computer host connects the display with VGA (Analog) and DVI (digital) advanced, and HDMI (high definition one-way communication) interface.
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Check the interface on the back of the monitor. If there is HDMI interface, HDCP can be supported.
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1. Mingji has a good one
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It should be the monitor, if your
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First of all, you need to understand that HDMI can transmit video and audio on TV, while VGA can only transmit video, not audio. That is to say, if you use VGA, you can't play sound on TV. You need an external speaker.
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It's a good idea to have an external TV box. I've heard that he used a Tongwei TV box. At the beginning, he could connect it directly
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The monitor usually has two kinds of 15 pin D-sub and DVI interfaces
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With the gradual improvement of TV resolution, HDTV is becoming more and more popular. HDMI interface is mainly used to transmit high-quality, lossless digital audio and video signals to HDTV,
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LCD is a kind of computer monitor! Are you wrong in description! Can you use the interface. As long as the computer video output and display device interface consistent, get a corresponding line OK. VGA and DVI are commonly used. HDMI is often used to connect LCD TV, but the latter two must be checked to see if they have interfaces. And the latter two are subdivided. DVI score 25 +? Some add 1, some add 5, HDMI has version.
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