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Sharp lcd-65ds6000a TV is very good, with simple and slim appearance, built-in wireless WiFi function, intelligent light control and rich ports.
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lcd? LCD is out of date. If you don't have a clear picture and sound, it's your signal source. Now it's all led era. LCD's power consumption and color restoration are not good enough. How fast to connect to the network depends on the network speed of your home. If it's cloud TV, you don't need to connect to a set-top box to watch directly online. It's a problem to watch 720p with 4m broadband. 360 is absolutely not a card, but you will feel a strong sense of grid on the 46 inch screen. It's recommended to buy domestic products. If you don't start, the domestic products on the market are led, and many of them support network WiFi
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The TV is very good, the quality is also very good
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Sharp (sharp)
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S-IPS: royalty in LCD panel
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It's an indisputable fact that Samsung's so-called LED TV is still LCD. It's spread that there is no obvious improvement in performance and picture quality. It seems that you are really out of the world. To buy a flat-panel TV, you have to sharpen your eyes and choose a good panel.
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Samsung LCD TVs are mainly Taiwan screen and Youda screen, with poor picture quality and trailing; Suggest to buy a hard screen LCD TV, high definition, fast
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What is S-IPS hard screen technology? What are the advantages or differences between hard screen and soft screen? In the high-end LCD TV market in the future, who will be the leader in soft screen technology and S-IPS hard screen technology? In the domestic home appliance market, with the improvement of purchasing power, people pay more and more attention to the new high-end LCD TV products with higher technical standards, better viewing performance and more humanized characteristics. Do you know some secrets about LCD TV?
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With the rapid popularization of flat panel TV, a variety of new display technologies emerge in endlessly. Throughout the 2009 flat panel display technology, nbsp; The new LED backlight technology has undoubtedly become a bright spot in the flat-panel TV market. Its excellent high-quality performance has fully introduced the flat-panel TV into the high-quality era. LED is a light-emitting diode (LED), which is a kind of semiconductor solid-state light-emitting device. It uses solid-state semiconductor chips as light-emitting materials. When the positive voltage is applied at both ends, the carriers in the semiconductor compound, causing photon emission and light generation. LED can directly emit red, yellow, blue, green, green, orange, purple, white light/
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Sony LCD TV uses S-PVA screen, which belongs to soft screen. The picture has serious residual shadow. Compared with the current IPS hard screen, the quality is far worse.
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There are 8 questions to understand when purchasing flat panel TV.
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I think LCD TV should choose a good panel to achieve a good picture quality. Now everyone is concerned about the picture quality. It is said that the LED backlight LCD TV with IPS hard screen panel is good, and the hard screen panel has fast response speed and better image quality.
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Flat panel TV, as the name suggests, is the same as the appearance of the plate-shaped TV, there are two kinds of plasma color TV and LCD color TV.
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I think LCD TV is mainly for practical use. Most people buy LCD TV with high quality. Of course, the brand should not be too bad, otherwise, the quality and service are hard to guarantee. Now the production technology of LCD TV is very mature. The quality of domestic brands is no worse than that of imported ones, but the price is more acceptable to Chinese people. The two LCD TVs I use at home are TCL's, the largest brand in China. After more than two years, there is no problem at all. But everyone's preferences are different, in short, choose a good quality and like it.
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Plasma TV and liquid crystal TV. The two kinds of flat-panel TV are 40 inch. The former (plasma TV) has an advantage in large screen technology, while the latter (liquid crystal TV) is mainly in small and medium-sized market. Each has its own advantages. We can't simply say who is good or who is bad. The key is how you use it
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LCD is a kind of flat panel TV.
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If you know something about flat-panel TV, you should know that it has two types: plasma TV and LCD TV. The two kinds of flat-panel TV are limited by 40 inches. The former (plasma TV) is dominant in large screen technology, while the latter (LCD TV) is dominated by small and medium-sized markets. Each has its own advantages. You can't simply say who is good or who is bad. The key is how you use it
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HDTV is a kind of digital TV.
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Plasma television (PDP) and liquid crystal television (LCD) are flat panel TVs. They are like twins. Although they are very similar on the surface, they are very different in essence. The biggest difference between the two is that they use different panels, that is to say, their imaging principles are very different. Plasma TV relies on high voltage to activate the special gas in the imaging unit to produce ultraviolet light to stimulate phosphorescent material to emit light. LCD TV uses current to change the crystal structure of the thin film transistor on the LCD panel to make it display. In addition, plasma TV and LCD TV also have their own characteristics, such as plasma TV in/
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