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As long as your LCD TV LED has a VGA interface, you can directly connect the LCD TV with the computer host by using the VGA cable. In addition, if your LCD TV has a DVI interface or HDMI interface, and your computer host has these two interfaces, you can also use the corresponding cable to connect.
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The set-top box receives the TV signal, then sends the video signal to the video card of the computer host, and the computer host outputs the signal to the LED large screen. Basically, it is such a process.
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It doesn't really matter
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Does the monitor not show that it is related to cold weather
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Generally you want to play large-scale 3D online games, the first consideration should be your memory and graphics card, between 2000-2800, that is, the price of Internet cafes, 1GB memory bar, generally about 500 yuan graphics card, CPU is also a consideration, core 800 yuan, it is recommended that you choose AMD, relatively speaking, AMD is more cost-effective, display, Samsung
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Two methods can be realized
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