Self made 16 * 32 LED dot matrix electronic display design. It's a work of God on the Internet. You can have a look
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Since the advent of SCM in the 1970s, it has attracted people's attention and attention with extremely high performance price ratio, so it has been widely used and developed rapidly. The characteristics of single chip microcomputer are small volume, high integration, light weight, strong anti-interference ability, low environmental requirements, low price, high reliability, good flexibility and easy development. Because SCM has so many advantages, so its wide application field, almost to the point of penetration. In our country, SCM has been widely used in industrial automation control, automatic detection, intelligent instruments, intelligent household appliances, aerospace systems, national defense and military, sophisticated weapons, etc/
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Single chip technology
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If the display card is broken or the display data line is in poor contact. That leaves the driver board and lamp aging. Take the display apart and pull out the screen cable to know whether the driver board is faulty or the lamp aging.
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Use keil to generate hex file. When downloading, use special download software to find the generated hex file and you can download it.
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51, AVR, arm, FPGA can be! But the size of the control is not the same, the type of MCU or CPU is not the same, small area with C8051 and AVR more
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. DLP pure digital display technology.
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My friend, are you in the LED industry? What are you talking about,,,
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Design and implementation of LED dot matrix display system based on 51 single chip microcomputer
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What is MCU?
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Because the general CPU IO pin drive capacity is less than 20mA, assuming that the peripheral needs high level 30mA to turn on normally, then the IO cannot drive the peripheral. So you need two parts of external current to drive together. 4.7K is recommended by datasheet
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What you said seems to be a character display problem. If you have a font screen, it's very convenient to display characters by using single quotation marks, such as "a". If you don't have a font screen, you need to add spaces when calling some online codes, such as "
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Using Multisim
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1. First, let's open keil
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The display buffer in MCU is just a few variables or an array, which is used to save the data to be displayed.
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I've done this. Compare the sequence diagram with your program... The program depends on which kind of 51 MCU you are, 51 MCU also has many brands...
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