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According to the data, the common "spot defects" of LCD can be divided into three types: bad spot, bright spot and dark spot.
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The easiest way is to make the screen black to see if there are bright spots in a piece of pure black. Then let the screen all white to see if there are black spots. Finally, red, green and blue are used to check the integrity of the color spots. Purchase IPS hard screen panel, the probability of bad screen is very small!
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The causes of bad points
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The causes of bad points
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The causes of bad points
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This is not a bright spot. The so-called bright spot is due to the defects existing in the production process of the LCD screen. It is the damage of a luminous point. The bright spot is that the point is luminous in any case. It is generally white and will not move. There will be dark spots, always dark, no light, black. There are professional software on the Internet to download and try, or the screen is all white and black, to see if there is any exception.
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Here is the correct answer: as mentioned above, the regulations of the state and the manufacturer are different. In theory, bright spots are inevitable. There will always be problems when people produce tens of thousands of LCD screens, and they are qualified within three. However, if you reach an agreement with the manufacturer before you buy them, the manufacturer will promise you to make money. Regardless of the regulations of the manufacturer, the manufacturer will change the bright spots, Businesses can only do the same. The problem is whether you checked it when you bought it, because it doesn't work when you go out of the store. If it doesn't really work when you bought it at that time, and it appears when you go home for normal use, you can find them to replace it, but it's not very likely in general
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At present, there are many miscellaneous liquid crystals in the market. These miscellaneous liquid crystals indicate high performance parameters and have absolutely attractive prices. But behind the cheap price is the questionable performance, many of which use the lowest LCD panel, so the display effect is not very satisfactory. So when we buy LCD, how can we tell whether our LCD is a good product?
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The causes of bad points
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It's very complicated. It's about half of a 19 inch screen and can't have more than three. But if you really buy this, it's very difficult to rely on the law! So you don't need to know this. You can use USB to download black and white pictures... Or have a special small software, you can also check other... Screen defect checking software. Baidu has a search!
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test whether there are bright spots and dark spots. If you don't know how to ask the merchant to do it for you, just look at it carefully. Don't listen to the business commitment, everything is subject to the warranty. If an individual business has some special extra promises, remember to ask him to write them on the invoice. Otherwise, if it's just a verbal promise, he won't admit it when he comes to him later.
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liquid crystal
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1. Check the highlights
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LCD often said a screen refers to no spots, bright and dark spots within 3, display stability without jitter.
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A screen: it means no spot, less than 3 bright spots and dark spots, stable display without jitter, and meets the above label under TFT-LCD professional test software;
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In short, a pixel is always bright or black
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In short, a pixel is always bright or black
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Brightness and contrast: brightness and contrast are the most basic conditions to judge the quality of LCD. Usually the screen has a higher brightness value to make the picture more beautiful, and the LCD screen needs at least 200
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The causes of bad points
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