You this is 1602, this needs to use with the single chip microcomputer connection, and must have the procedure to display the character.
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The 1602 LCD module has a characteristic that if the initialization operation is not performed correctly after power on, the first line of lattice will be all on and the second line of lattice will not be on. At this time, the 1602 LCD will not receive other operation instructions except the initialization operation. Therefore, when driving 1602 LCD screen, we should focus on checking whether the control circuit (MCU or other controllers) outputs the initialization signal correctly.
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Generally, the row resistor is pull-up resistor, which is connected to + 5V power supply. The function of pull-up resistor is to increase the driving current.
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LCD12864 has word library and does not bring, when buying to clear the problem.
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Connect a capacitor between C1 + / - and a capacitor between C2 + / - to boost voltage. 232 driver chip is often used in this way. Leave it alone.
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A 10k potentiometer, one end is connected to VCC, the other end is connected to GND, and the middle scribe is connected to 3 pins of 1602, which is used to adjust the contrast of LCD
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Software issues
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The limit speed of 1602 is 250kHz, while 51 has reached the microsecond level. Therefore, in order to avoid data errors, we have to wait until the 1602 operation is completed before continuing to write the next instruction. Otherwise, the instruction will be invalid or even unable to initialize 1602.
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In terms of hardware, two serial to parallel series, can only occupy two IO ports can write LCD1602, each time to write two bytes to the serial port
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Add an n-line output buffer, write the output content to the buffer first, and record the actual number of data lines in the buffer
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This is the command for transmission, defined by the control chip of 1602.
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Because it is possible that the address in the LCD does not start with the original address. To clear the screen is to initialize the LCD, otherwise the display may be garbled
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Yes, it's usually a power supply.
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ATmega128 + RTL8019 development board
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There are the following categories:
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Yes!! Who said no! First of all, it depends on what type of MCU you are. If it's a high-speed MCU or a 32-bit MCU, then it depends on the driver of your LCD base plate. If you don't have a driver, it's really hard to make the LCD light up. If you want to use an ordinary MCU now, don't think about it. LCD is different from some of your LEDs. You have to learn a lot to make LCD! If you can already write a driver, you can try it. LCD ready-made modules are very expensive, especially digital ones. Most people don't know how to drive P4 screens, let alone how to drive them.
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Product specification: length x width x height
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Find a routine to study, it's not difficult~~
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