Today's high-end TV products first need to have strong performance, and then rich functions, which sharp lcd-60ds51a has~
Author:Chen Hongbing   Time:2021-09-10 13:33 Browse(null)
As the father of LCD, sharp's TV's performance configuration is beyond doubt. Let's say that the lcd-40ds20a, which is listed on the market, adopts Japan's x super crystal panel and carries Sharp's unique light transmission technology, with clear, smooth and dynamic picture quality. It can also use MHL to connect smart phones and TV
Author:Hu Liwei   Time:2021-09-10 10:13 Browse(null)
Of course, innovation is indispensable. First of all, the appearance shows the intention of the design. Sharp lcd-40ds20a adopts a new appearance design, which is polished from the whole to the details in an all-round way, making it more elegant and fashionable. In addition, the rectangular base changes the sharp style of the past, but uses a more natural radian decoration, adding a vivid and fashion to the TV. Combined with the shock presentation of fine image quality, it brings extraordinary visual experience.
Author:Lei Jinxia   Time:2021-09-09 08:02 Browse(null)
Hello, Sharpe lcd-60ds51a smart TV, you can experience blockbuster and Sharpe life hall. Its intelligent applications are even better. You can easily operate it with the remote control alone, and users who are not familiar with computer operation can also easily experience it. In addition to intelligence, the bigger highlight is the advanced technology, such as sharpt light transmission technology, which can improve the peak brightness, clear and clear picture and experience extraordinary.
Author:Wang Bin   Time:2021-09-08 15:45 Browse(null)
Sharp lcd-32a33nbsp; Now quote nbsp; ¥3899nbsp; nbsp; The price is suitable for sale. If you want to see if you have something to send, you can wait for May day to have a look/
Author:Lu Fengmei   Time:2021-09-07 16:52 Browse(null)
In terms of price
Author:Ye Jia   Time:2021-09-05 21:56 Browse(null)
Sharp has been developing, producing and manufacturing liquid crystal products for nearly 40 years. It is the first company in the world to take the liquid crystal strategy as the basis for its future survival. Known as the "father of liquid crystal", ultra clear quality is one of its major advantages, and has been in a leading position in this aspect. For example, the new lcd-40ds20a adopts LED backlight system with precise brightness control and high-speed response, with 1920 × 1080 resolution. It can achieve high contrast and reproduce pure black and brilliant red in dark environment,
Author:Gao Hongxu   Time:2021-09-04 15:45 Browse(null)
What's good? First of all, sharp's brand is an excellent guarantee. Secondly, I'll talk about something about this TV: it's really sharp's pride to use the original Japanese LCD panel. Sharp lcd-40ds20a LCD TV is equipped with X super crystal panel. Through sharp's unique light transmission technology, it precisely controls the deflection direction of liquid crystal molecules, effectively improves the utilization rate of light and the opening rate of liquid crystal molecules, so that more light can pass through the liquid crystal panel, has higher peak brightness, and makes white clearer. At the same time, sharp's unique light transmission technology can accurately control the light passing through, effectively suppress the backlight leakage phenomenon, make the black/
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Sharp lcd-40ds20a
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This time next year, HDMI really corresponds to PS3
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Samsung LCD splicing origin in Samsung
Author:one person   Time:2021-09-02 17:56 Browse(null)
Changsha BINJIA Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Author:Li Shangjian   Time:2021-09-02 08:05 Browse(null)
Author:Yuan Lin   Time:2021-08-31 08:05 Browse(null)
LCD seamless splicing screen is a super narrow edge LCD splicing large screen composed of multiple LCD splicing units. The famous LCD splicing manufacturers in Shanghai are Changhong, Ruian and Xianshi electronics. I had contact with Xianshi electronics before. I had communication with their sales elites and learned about their company's LCD splicing screen products. I was quite satisfied with their functions. I also went to their company's exhibition hall and tried out the products. The whole product was good. You can also visit it/
Author:milelp   Time:2021-08-30 13:31 Browse(null)
Fujian Bowei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional LCD splicing screen manufacturer
Author:Wang Jing   Time:2021-08-27 13:35 Browse(null)
LCD splicing can be used for display in shopping malls, which is not suitable for home use, conference and teaching. Projection is suitable for dark environment. The price of your own inquiry, different products and grades of prices vary greatly. Want a big screen, there is a good thing led, suitable for remote view, can do outdoor signboard/
Author:Lao Ji   Time:2021-08-27 10:18 Browse(null)
First of all, I don't recommend buying foreign brands. Although the price of foreign brands has dropped sharply, the main reason is CCFL LCD TV, that is, high energy consumption LCD TV. At present, foreign brands such as sharp, in order to save costs, mostly use domestic OEM. The quality is no different from that of domestic brands. The only difference is that the price is much higher. In addition, at present, Philips China TV business is sold to TPV, so I suggest choosing domestic brands.
Author:Huang Maoyang   Time:2021-08-24 20:37 Browse(null)
Anyway, Samsung does not use Taiwan screen less. It's safest not to buy.
Author:Liu Yan   Time:2021-08-21 12:27 Browse(null)
LED TV should also use LED panel, but the current LED TV only uses LED backlight, which should be called LED backlight LCD TV. It's not really led tv at all.
Author:Lu yunyun   Time:2021-08-21 10:13 Browse(null)
At present, led by Samsung, several TVs launched in the market do not really show the essence of the products. What is sold in the domestic market is LCD TVs with LED backlight technology - backlight replaced by LED, panel or LCD! Replacing an LED backlight can save energy, make the panel thinner and make the appearance more beautiful. What's wrong with Samsung is that it invented the concept of LED. It's not the Samsung LED TV they publicized. It should be called "Samsung LED backlight LCD TV". The purpose of their propaganda is to sell at a higher price.
Author:Wan Yili   Time:2021-08-20 14:39 Browse(null)
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