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The failure of the following three links can lead to the black screen of the TV:
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It's also because the weather is humid and the water in the air is too much. If the display is not used for a long time, water vapor will accumulate in the tube socket of the kinescope, causing slight oxidation of the kinescope pin. At the beginning of startup, the contact resistance between the pin and the socket is too large, and the voltage applied to each pole of the picture tube is insufficient, so the image cannot be displayed normally. With the increase of the temperature in the display, the water vapor in the socket is evaporated, and the pins of the socket and the picture tube return to normal conduction, so that the image can be displayed normally.
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CRT is a device that uses a cathode ray tube
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CRT is a device that uses a cathode ray tube
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Different from CRT TV, the cost is relatively high, backlight is the source of LCD TV to see clearly, without the light, nothing can be seen. But the backlight won't break easily, and TV manufacturers have invested heavily in the transformation of LCD and rear projection. That's how hard screen LCD comes out
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Overview of display technology development
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In short:
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In short:
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What is a monitor
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Theoretically speaking, LCD TV has the advantages of light weight, power saving, no radiation, low heating, high definition, good expansion performance and complete interface. Compared with ordinary TV, it has a longer service life. However, the weakness of LCD TV is that it is extremely afraid of impact, even a slight impact may cause damage to TV
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Liquid crystal TV is in the liquid crystal between two pieces of glass, add voltage, through the molecular arrangement change and zigzag change
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LCD (liquid crystal display) is commonly known as LCD (liquid crystal display) in English
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It should be said that LTPS OLED screen is better than ltps-lcd screen. OLED and LTPS are really not comparable
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Because the laws of TV and other digital home appliances are similar, that is, with the increase of production, the cost will be lower and lower, and it may also be with the progress of technology, the cost will be lower and lower. In the 1990s, a 29 inch ordinary CRT (picture tube) TV cost 5000 or 6000 yuan, equivalent to 12000 yuan now, much more expensive than today's LCD TV. That's the truth.
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Display classification
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