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One is in 2015 and the other is in 2014. The former one supports 265 decoding and has intelligent contrast enhancement function, while the latter one has 3D function and good sound effect. Comprehensive cost performance, the latter one is better, but there is light leakage.
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Sharp lcd-65ds6000a TV is very good, with simple and slim appearance, built-in wireless WiFi function, intelligent light control and rich ports.
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You said this kind of situation, my home sharp 8K definition TV has not appeared, the model is lcd-80xu35a, is also 80 inch, using sharp's exclusive new generation of four-color technology, x8-mep professional image processing engine, new generation of bright color technology and new wide color gamut technology, image display clarity reaches 8K level, much higher than 4K TV! Whether it's playing static pictures or fast-moving dynamic pictures, it can keep 8K resolution, and there is no frame dropping or shadow dragging. Am I lucky!
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Sharp / sharp
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Sharp lcd-55s3a, the United States after the acquisition still adhere to the original high-end quality. The workmanship is worth rest assured.
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have a try:
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Should be the signal strength is not enough, now the TV business in the store are high-definition images. It's not like that at home.
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Large size LCD screen sharp can do, technology is relatively mature. It can be used.
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Because junk radio and television want to make money
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Sharp (sharp)
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Today's sharp is no longer Sharp's, America sold to Hisense, the rest was acquired by Foxconn, I advise you to consider the domestic brand, now do is very good, such as Hisense, now is the third international
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The TV comes with 1366 × 768 wide view panel, with HDMI terminal and PC terminal, can be used for TV and PC display temporarily. At the same time, the built-in stereo speaker allows you to enjoy the fun of games and high-definition movies.
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Sharp color TV lcd-60lx960a Android system, image quality (under HD signal).
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Of course, Changhong is good and has a high personality ratio. It uses LED backlight LCD screen, while it uses LCD screen in summer,
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lcd? LCD is out of date. If you don't have a clear picture and sound, it's your signal source. Now it's all led era. LCD's power consumption and color restoration are not good enough. How fast to connect to the network depends on the network speed of your home. If it's cloud TV, you don't need to connect to a set-top box to watch directly online. It's a problem to watch 720p with 4m broadband. 360 is absolutely not a card, but you will feel a strong sense of grid on the 46 inch screen. It's recommended to buy domestic products. If you don't start, the domestic products on the market are led, and many of them support network WiFi
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Sharp lcd-46lx265a
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There should be differences in the brightness of the screen or the scheme of the driver board. There should be nothing else.
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