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According to the data, the common "spot defects" of LCD can be divided into three types: bad spot, bright spot and dark spot.
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The bad point is the wrong point. LCD displays the image with different refraction angles of each liquid crystal point. Therefore, when the refraction of a point is not correct, the light will not be correct, and this point is the bad point. Generally speaking, when using solid colors on LCD, if there are any defects, they can be seen immediately. I always look at five colors, namely red, green, blue, white and black.
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The size of the TV panel is the size of the LCD panel, but in fact it can not be achieved because of the frame occlusion. So there's a minimum size, which is your maximum visual size.
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The easiest way is to make the screen black to see if there are bright spots in a piece of pure black. Then let the screen all white to see if there are black spots. Finally, red, green and blue are used to check the integrity of the color spots. Purchase IPS hard screen panel, the probability of bad screen is very small!
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LCD TV with LCD screen is better.
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Causes and prevention of LCD bright / bad spots
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At present, it is software monitoring. Simply put, it's a solid color display, and then you see for yourself
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That's a bad point. Soft screen LCD TV is easy to have bad points. Only IPS hard screen LCD TV overcomes many shortcomings of soft screen. And the screen is not afraid to touch.
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Advantages of Samsung LED LCD TV:
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1. When buying this product, if the merchant promises that the package has no bad points, it can be replaced. If there is no promise, it cannot be replaced
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That's a bad point
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It mainly depends on the response time.... The less the better
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put questions to:
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There are many types of displays according to their working principles, such as cathode ray tube display (CRT), liquid crystal display (LCD), plasma display (PDP) and vacuum fluorescent display (VFD). Because the technical principle of LCD is quite different from the traditional CRT display, its nominal method and nominal value are also different from the familiar CRT display.
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I just changed my DMD, and the bad spots are all over the sky. In less than half a year, I changed from one to more than 60. I'm sorry if I don't change my eyes.
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The key to buying a LCD monitor is to pay attention to whether there are any bad points. Go online and offline to find a special software to check the bad points. It will display pure white, pure black, pure green and other pure colors. At this time, you have to rely on your own eyesight to find them. The second is to listen to the strange current sound, if everything is normal, there must be at least 3 months of warranty! New words are one year insurance!
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The causes of bad points
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In the process of panel manufacturing, it will be viewed by process. LCD manufacturers, such as AOC, will also check.
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LCD high voltage panel is also called inverter or inverter
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Maybe you can't distinguish the brand monitor from the brand monitor in the visual effect.
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