digital tube

Is the guardrail tube screen, then this is generally to use 12 to 16 tubes, depending on your effect, dense effect will be a little better.
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LED digital tube can't put pictures, can't broadcast advertisements, can only simply do some flow effect, display can broadcast advertising TV,
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eight billion two hundred and ten million one hundred and three thousand nine hundred and seventy-seven
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LED electronic scale
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Current: at static state, 10-15ma is recommended; The average current is 4-5ma and the peak current is 50-60ma in 16 / 1 dynamic scanning.
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Port P3 is connected to LCD1602.
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The test, you said is the small LCD, 12864 kind
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I think the landlord would like to know the difference between LED display and LCD display. They are backlit by lamps. LEDs are light-emitting diode backlights. There is little difference between them. The latter is more power-saving and can be made thinner.
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