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1. Set the TV signal source to PC mode. 2. Set the resolution and refresh rate of the computer graphics card. This is the key to the setting, because the resolution of the graphics card is suitable for the computer monitor. For the 16:9 LCD TV, it can only be compatible. Unless the graphics card is specially matched with the LCD TV, the ordinary graphics card can not reach the highest resolution of the TV. In order to cooperate with the graphics card, the TV has a set of inherent resolution and refresh rate (there is a list in the TV manual). We must set the resolution and refresh rate of the graphics card to be exactly the same as one of them, so that the TV can display the computer picture normally. Specific design/
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The monitor will not support it
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Yes, add lenses in front of the lens, but one doesn't seem to work. It takes two to do it..
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Take domestic products for example, the cost of a 32 inch LCD of 4000 or so is about 1000 yuan. Then the price of a local agent is about 2000 yuan, and the price of a retail store is about 3000 yuan. Finally, the final price that consumers see is 4000 yuan. Here, the agent and retail business have to bear the costs of transportation, storage and loss, which is not small.
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The screen refresh rate 32313133353236313431303231363533e59b9ee7ad9431333433623838 is adjusted from 60Hz to 75Hz, which will affect the LCD.
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Is the video output device, we commonly known as the monitor.
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Difference between display refresh rate of 60Hz and 75Hz:
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High refresh rate refers to the screen with high refresh rate.
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Reduce the refresh rate in safe mode
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The 32 inch LCD TV should be divided into standard definition and high-definition. The resolution of standard definition screen is only 1366x768, and that of high-definition screen can reach 1920x1080. The higher the resolution is, the more delicate the picture is. When the computer screen is used, the difference is greater. In addition, TVs are also divided into refresh rates. The refresh rate of LCD is very important. Generally, TVs are 60 Hz, and good TVs can reach 120 Hz and 240 Hz. The higher the refresh rate is, the less obvious the tailing phenomenon is. Of course, the higher the price is. Now there is a new LED TV, which is only 2-3cm thick. It saves electricity and has a good picture effect. The price is a little too high because it is a new product. Mainly depends on your home's CCTV is what signal, if/
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It matters! But now, the biggest impact on the refresh rate is the display!
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Refresh rate refers to the number of times the image on the screen is repeatedly scanned by the electron beam.
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"Swipe rate" means the refresh rate of the screen, that is, the number of times the electron beam repeatedly scans the image on the screen. In terms of Hertz, a TV with a 60 Hz refresh rate can display 60 images per second.
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At the beginning of 2020, mobile phone manufacturers are making great efforts, and screen quality has gradually become a standard to measure the quality of mobile phones. What is the refresh rate and sampling rate of the screen
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"FPS" is the phrase "frames"
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LCD standard resolution
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1、 Different refresh frequency
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It's just that your monitor is too old. It's not a product of the same era as the 200Hz TV. It's not comparable.
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Advantages of liquid crystal display (LCD)
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