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No problem, but it is recommended to use VGA connection, the resolution can be up to 1366 × 768, don't worry, use it boldly!
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Sharp LCD
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Chongqing Huanqing Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2008, is located in Chongqing Shiqiaopu IT business district. Is a research and development, production, sales in one of the high-tech enterprises, factory set up in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, independent production of 46, 55 inch LCD splicing display, 32-82 inch Industrial LCD, multi screen splicing processor, video matrix, vag matrix. At the same time, the company is the general agent of Samsung commercial LCD in Chongqing and the exclusive general agent of sharp commercial LCD in Southwest China. The company focuses on the promotion and application of LCD splicing system and has rich experience and skills in LCD application. The national service hotline is/
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Chongqing Huanqing technology is the general agent of Samsung LCD splicing screen in Chongqing, and the general agent of sharp 60 Inch LCD splicing screen in Southwest China
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Did is digital
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It's no good to say that. It's better to find a master to take you to school. If it's really no good, you can find a manual by yourself
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You can find this website is specialized in providing LCD splicing, LCD splicing screen, LCD splicing wall, large screen, large screen splicing, bosv BSV, DLP large screen splicing, large screen projection fusion products. You can find many electronic display products on it. I wish you find your favorite products
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The display effect is not very ideal, which has little to do with the monitor. It's about your graphics card.
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What kind of screen are you looking at? If you are looking at the PVA general screen, ~ 1300 can also accept ~ Dell
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Please replace the chassis and try again to see if the monitor still has the problem you said!!
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Display backlight lamp is not on, lamp aging, leakage, ignition, false welding and high voltage plate damage can cause this problem
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If you want to talk about high cost performance, it's LG
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If you press the monitor switch and turn it on again for about 1-2 seconds, the screen will be black. That's the problem with the monitor. There is something wrong with the general display switch or booster board.
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Samsung's LCD looks better than LG's, but its internal quality and technology are slightly higher than Samsung's. The most trusted home appliance (such as TV) in South Korea is LG, not Samsung. LG is committed to electronic appliances. Samsung's technical expertise in memory processing.
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Samsung is OK, after all, it is also a big manufacturer
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Most of the home projector are designed and produced by LCD technology, and the color expression is better. Suitable for movies and multimedia entertainment.
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The quality of Samsung LCD display can be trusted``
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