3D technology

Foucault is a technology-based group enterprise focusing on the sales and application of LCD panel & module. As one of the world's largest LCD screen and display technology agents, it is also the world's largest distributor of did LCD splicing products. Over the years, we have maintained long-term cooperative partnership with major manufacturers in the world.
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The projection system is divided into four parts: light source, light path, imaging panel and projection lens
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In the past six months, a series of new technologies, such as 3D technology and Internet LCD TV, have appeared one after another. LED LCD, which is developing rapidly together, has become the main development trend of flat-panel TV. So in the second half of 2010, what is the trend of the TV market
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3D stereoscopic display is to use the human eye to receive different pictures, and then the brain to superimpose and regenerate the image information to form an image with front back, up down, left right, far near and other stereoscopic effects.
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If I can look up to it, I'll introduce it to you first
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