TV set top box

This type of TV has a wide range of input interfaces. HDMI cable is used to connect HD STB, and AV cable (red, yellow and white plug) is used to connect SD STB.
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Canling u6r set-top box is good ~ ~ ~ I'm using the set-top box now, and it's also a four core set-top box. It's good to use~
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Use HDMI cable to connect the TV and the box, and then connect the network to use it. If the set-top box is intelligent, it is recommended to download and install dangbei application market. Dangbei application market is the largest intelligent TV application market, which has a variety of cracking applications, very good.
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This model of TV has no LAN connection function and no built-in network set-top box, so it still needs an external set-top box.
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Connection between Sharp LCD 32ds15a and STB:
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The performance gap between the two TVs is 0
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The former:
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Yes, first of all, you need a set-top box that supports HDMI, VGA, or DVI
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Can not directly connect to the set-top box, you need to buy a TV card or TV box to be able to use the TV card (box)
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If the TV has no signal, the blue screen will appear. Although the line connection is normal, you can't determine whether the line has a signal. If there is a digital set-top box, check whether the TV signal source is in AV state. You can also find a DVD connection to try.
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There is no signal when LCD TV is turned on. The common reasons and solutions are as follows:
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Yes, the purchased set-top box needs the correct video cable to be able to watch normally.
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In view of your question, I can answer it
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I don't know whether LED is a TV or a monitor. Your so-called set-top box should be a cable TV. If it is, just pull a 75 ohm video cable out. If it's just a monitor, just lengthen the VGA cable connecting to the computer. Go to the computer market and buy a long VGA cable and audio cable.
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