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This should start from the manufacturing process of the display. Led and display display display high images and bright colors. However, if you do set up renderings, inkjet or photo, the effect will be different from the actual situation. However, LCD (that is, the display with big head as you call it) has similar color matching effect and inkjet effect. Therefore, many advertising companies use LCD display.
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Hainan media online, comprehensive media resources
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Do LED display general customer groups are local advertising companies, security companies, system integration. On the Internet through some B2B company information or Baidu Google search related companies.
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Jiayi advertising, I have done advertising signboards and display screens in Lutang Village (near Marriott family) of Xiashan. The boss there has a good attitude and the price is acceptable. Moreover, the masters there are all experienced. I hope they can help you/
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Just go to the specialty store and buy it. It's the kind that sells this kind of equipment. Like tech street or something. You can also go to Suning Gome to have a look. The factories are mass-produced and generally not only sold. Advertising companies should not do this.
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An advertising company in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province needs a lot of LED screens and LED lighting products. Please contact them.
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Shanghai Yuanyi Advertising Co., Ltd
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Samsung's LED light source technology has the advantages of gorgeous, energy saving and environmental protection. It is a new generation of electronic light source technology in line with the trend of human health visual experience, and also the best upgrading product of traditional CCFL LCD TV.
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I Jimo front advertising company (registered) you should be high LED electronic dot matrix rolling screen, now Jimo's market price is 1300-1500 yuan per square meter, the price difference is very large in various regions, China's largest LED production area is Shandong Weifang, where it will be relatively cheap, but shipping to Jinan, shipping fees are quite high, basically and you in Jinan local almost. It is suggested that you go to your local advertising company and ask. It's better not to find a big advertising company. The price of a big company will be relatively expensive. It's OK to find a medium one, which can not only guarantee the quality, but also save part of the cost.
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Then you use the U disk control card, this operation is the simplest, if you have anything you don't understand
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Shenyang LED
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At present, many large advertising companies rent the central area, do their own large display, do advertising booth rental, make a large amount of advertising expenses. At present, LED display has been mature in the market and is an indispensable tool for advertising
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This big concept is a little vague. Does it mean the largest number of staff, the highest income, a wide range of branches, a wide range of industries, or the largest number of advertisers? If comprehensive consideration, I suggest you pay attention to a few 4A advertising companies in China. They are at the top of the industry in terms of advertiser size, annual revenue, number of employees and number of branches. Specific data you can go to China advertising network to see
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The highest international recognition is 4a. A few years ago, a large domestic advertising company also initiated the establishment of China 4A organization.
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As far as I know, there is an advertising company in Beijing, which mainly focuses on print advertising. The annual capital flow is 20-30 million. The efficiency is very good, the cost is not very high, mainly for their own publicity and hiring staff. I can't reveal the name.
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The biggest advertising company in China should be in Beijing, and the biggest advertising company should be a multinational agency advertising company of foreigners, rather than a local film and television advertising company specializing in enterprise propaganda and advertising.
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advertisement? Advertising is a relatively broad concept. First, to be a professional creative advertising company mainly depends on whether you can get stable agency projects and products; Second, it's the same with real estate advertising companies. However, the threshold of advertising companies is very low, so the competition is very fierce. Making money depends on your ability to ensure the reputation and projects in the industry; Third, it is to do media companies, such as the annual agency of newspaper real estate plate; The fourth is the outdoor advertising company. Basically, as long as you can win a better outdoor position, you can make a steady profit. Of course, the key to do this kind of outdoor company is that you have a relationship with someone above. In fact, as long as you have a relationship, I recommend you/
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Shenyang Pangda
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