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Advertising companies, LCD should choose iPS technology, the color restore accurate, wide video, inexpensive. Service life, not bad. Recommend LG!!!
Author:Wu Feifei   Time:2021-10-12 17:56 Browse(null)
If you want to start a business. And it's an advertising agency. Do you choose to open an advertising agency in the building or just open a shop?
Author:Wang Yujun   Time:2021-10-07 08:05 Browse(null)
Chengdu wolf advertising
Author:xiaoshao   Time:2021-10-03 17:57 Browse(null)
What kind of outdoor media do you want, outdoor brand or large screen LED, or bus shelter
Author:Liu Ling   Time:2021-10-02 13:31 Browse(null)
I know a large outdoor advertising production team, the performance and reputation are very good. Changhui advertisement, you can search their official website and telephone number.
Author:Yu Hong   Time:2021-10-02 08:05 Browse(null)
You go to ask Chengdu eight thousand miles media company, is a major outdoor advertising company. In Sichuan Province, several high-speed has independent resources, long-term strategic cooperation, brand customers have more than 100.
Author:Huang Jing   Time:2021-10-01 14:39 Browse(null)
That's too much
Author:Maomao   Time:2021-09-30 15:43 Browse(null)
1. Xining Municipal advertising company
Author:Poplars   Time:2021-09-30 14:40 Browse(null)
What kind of TV advertising companies watch. If we include the production and design of advertising film, the investment will be relatively high. If it's just an advertising agency, the cost will be less. It just needs a fixed office location, staff salary and daily office expenses to make a budget.
Author:Li Yu   Time:2021-09-30 09:02 Browse(null)
This is too much, outdoor LED display advertising, there is a matrix KTV on Zhangye Road, the big screen is good, just some, is the largest and clearest in Lanzhou, the flow of people is big, and it is the most prosperous business center in Lanzhou, the price seems not expensive, is the ideal wind media agent, you can ask, 0931-
Author:Li Hongwei   Time:2021-09-29 10:18 Browse(null)
This should start from the manufacturing process of the display. Led and display display display high images and bright colors. However, if you do set up renderings, inkjet or photo, the effect will be different from the actual situation. However, LCD (that is, the display with big head as you call it) has similar color matching effect and inkjet effect. Therefore, many advertising companies use LCD display.
Author:Liu kunkun   Time:2021-09-11 16:49 Browse(null)
Hainan media online, comprehensive media resources
Author:Xu Liangde   Time:2021-09-10 17:57 Browse(null)
Do LED display general customer groups are local advertising companies, security companies, system integration. On the Internet through some B2B company information or Baidu Google search related companies.
Author:Duan Yun   Time:2021-09-09 15:47 Browse(null)
Jiayi advertising, I have done advertising signboards and display screens in Lutang Village (near Marriott family) of Xiashan. The boss there has a good attitude and the price is acceptable. Moreover, the masters there are all experienced. I hope they can help you/
Author:Sun Jinhua   Time:2021-09-09 14:36 Browse(null)
Just go to the specialty store and buy it. It's the kind that sells this kind of equipment. Like tech street or something. You can also go to Suning Gome to have a look. The factories are mass-produced and generally not only sold. Advertising companies should not do this.
Author:Pan Yingxia   Time:2021-09-08 17:55 Browse(null)
An advertising company in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province needs a lot of LED screens and LED lighting products. Please contact them.
Author:Zhu Yi   Time:2021-09-08 11:19 Browse(null)
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