It depends on what kind of screen the owner wants to make. If the P4 full-color screen is divided into 3000 per flat
Author:Big hobbit   Time:2021-09-20 16:54 Browse(null)
Hello, the price of indoor P4 LED display is about 3500 per square meter. I hope I can help you.
Author:Liang Guohong   Time:2021-09-11 10:14 Browse(null)
P8.p10 is usually an indoor LED screen,
Author:Wu Wenshi   Time:2021-08-07 08:05 Browse(null)
The price of each manufacturer will be different. The middleman may be higher. Find the manufacturer. Shandong Jingda optoelectronics should be familiar with it
Author:Wu Meng   Time:2021-07-27 13:32 Browse(null)
In fact, the same point is the electronic display screen, which can display text or images. There are many different points. Simply speaking, led forms images by dot matrix combination, while DLP projects the image onto the screen for display after digital image processing by DMD chip technology. There are different models of LED for outdoor and indoor, DLP is only suitable for indoor. I hope I can help you.
Author:Zu Fengxia   Time:2021-07-04 15:46 Browse(null)
LED display model:
Author:Li Zhixiong   Time:2021-07-03 14:38 Browse(null)
Give me an offer
Author:Liu Jun   Time:2021-07-03 14:37 Browse(null)
The indoor density is high, the space is small, the brightness is low, not waterproof, the installation position is low, the sight distance is close, and the outdoor is on the contrary
Author:Ouweijie   Time:2021-07-01 09:43 Browse(null)
Why can't the main display screen of conference room be led?
Author:Osenlian   Time:2021-06-29 13:32 Browse(null)
To consider the size of the indoor area, want to present what kind of effect.
Author:567456DFG   Time:2021-06-28 16:50 Browse(null)
In terms of display effect, the point density of P3 is larger than that of P4, so the display content will be clearer;
Author:Zeng Wenjuan   Time:2021-06-28 13:35 Browse(null)
The difference is that the basic performance is different. Indoor P4 is not as bad as outdoor P4, so it is in the LED display. Similar models, outdoor prices have been much higher than indoor prices.
Author:zhoujian1968   Time:2021-06-26 14:40 Browse(null)
LED display has the following common models:
Author:linjialong   Time:2021-06-17 17:57 Browse(null)
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