Hello, friend, I'm also in charge of the sales of the factory. I hope I can help you in some way
Author:Li Xueqing   Time:2021-09-14 16:53 Browse(null)
Anhui four channel network promotion is OK, you can consult your colleagues, in addition is to adhere to, and do not rely too much on the network.
Author:Li zongzhao   Time:2021-09-09 15:45 Browse(null)
I don't know whether it's a mobile or a fixed LED screen. If it's mobile, it should be very easy to do it. If you find some salesmen with advertising business experience, they will have a lot of customer resources in their hands. Just give them a proper Commission, and you don't have to look for customer resources everywhere. If you look for customer resources yourself, you will waste a lot of energy, material resources and financial resources. There is no need to emphasize whether the salesman is full-time or part-time. If you have money, the salesman is willing to do it/
Author:lily   Time:2021-09-09 11:24 Browse(null)
1. Like the first floor, put your company's advertising and investment promotion phone on your screen (preferably your own), so that customers can find you on their own initiative! Advertising should be charged in different periods of time. A charging standard should be made according to the local advertising consumption, which is generally 1 / 3 of the local TV station!
Author:Cao Weian   Time:2021-08-25 11:23 Browse(null)
Hello, I'm XXX company. Do you have any business like advertising? Please refer to our new LED lamp....
Author:Xu Haifeng   Time:2021-08-04 10:13 Browse(null)
Monthly salary is 10000 +. It's manager level. As a salesman, I think it mainly depends on my ability. The basic salary is almost the same. The LED industry is OK now.
Author:Li Chun   Time:2021-08-03 13:33 Browse(null)
Today's recommendation: consulting Star: Baoding Jubo advertising decoration Co., Ltd
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