Author:Yao Xiong   Time:2021-10-04 17:55 Browse(null)
Types: 1. "S" type billboards - billboards with an area of more than 250 square meters, such as super large billboards distributed on the roof of large buildings and roadsides;
Author:kaka   Time:2021-10-04 17:20 Browse(null)
All kinds of gifts are made and distributed free of charge/
Author:Lin Wengong   Time:2021-10-04 13:33 Browse(null)
As long as it is carried out outdoors, people, streaming media, spray painting, light box,... Which has a promotional effect on products, billboards are the most common and practical.
Author:Yuan Xiaoling   Time:2021-10-04 12:25 Browse(null)
What are the forms of advertising?
Author:Li Yin   Time:2021-10-04 11:24 Browse(null)
Outdoor billboard is a good advertising media. First of all, we should recognize our own advantages, such as the location, location and size of the first-class advertisement, and what is the advertising arrival rate for customers; What are the shortcomings? What means can be used to make up for these shortcomings? This is to tell the customer clearly, so that the customer can understand the value of your billboard; Second, target customers should be identified. Most outdoor advertisements are aimed at large enterprises, such as automobile and shopping malls; Third, we need to go to each enterprise to run the market, that is to run the business! That's about it. Other details/
Author:Lin Dong   Time:2021-10-04 11:20 Browse(null)
1. Electric sign advertisement
Author:Jia Yanxin   Time:2021-10-04 10:17 Browse(null)
The advertisement of "maintaining healthy Aojiang and promoting harmony between human and water" is based on the green ecological prospect map of Aojiang.
Author:Yu Di   Time:2021-10-04 09:34 Browse(null)
No, hehe, if your balcony is facing the street, it will be managed by the urban management. If you post it casually, someone will come to collect money. Besides, if you advertise, I'm afraid that industry and Commerce and taxation will come to you
Author:Cai Yanli   Time:2021-10-04 09:16 Browse(null)
It depends on the building, but it's usually 10 meters × More than 20 meters, hundreds of meters.
Author:Xie Minglu   Time:2021-10-03 17:55 Browse(null)
The explanation of outdoor advertising terms
Author:Shi Chaojun   Time:2021-10-03 17:54 Browse(null)
Advertisement of Zhengzhou bus shelter (35980 million, 367 million)
Author:cj   Time:2021-10-03 16:53 Browse(null)
How to put it? I'm in this business. I understand your passion and hard work. My many years of experience is that advertising is inseparable from three elements: resources, contacts and expertise. Resources are your advertising platform, such as the factory fence. As for the specialty, it is some advertising design. It doesn't matter. Hire someone to design it.
Author:Li Kun   Time:2021-10-03 16:53 Browse(null)
With the development of economy, the forms of outdoor advertising are more and more abundant. The main popular forms of outdoor advertising are: bus shelters, light boxes on both sides of the road, big brand advertising space, roadside billboards, high column billboards (commonly known as anti-aircraft guns), light boxes, neon billboards, LED billboards, etc. After a period of rapid development, the speed of outdoor advertising has slowed down, and the competitive market has gradually shifted to the second and third tier cities. There are many advantages of outdoor advertising: low cost per thousand people, various forms, unlimited creativity, size, location and impact. Here do not do too much paste copy, detailed advantages can go to see, understand more thoroughly, I hope you/
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Chuangtufang has strong design ability and high cost performance
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One is to improve the stability of billboards from the specification, the other is to improve the ability of billboards to resist wind resistance or wind shear.
Author:Shao Xiaoying   Time:2021-10-03 14:37 Browse(null)
There are two kinds of classification
Author:Huang Haijian   Time:2021-10-03 10:14 Browse(null)
Generally speaking, high-end media
Author:kingland   Time:2021-10-02 10:18 Browse(null)
At present, Guizhou Yuanqi Advertising Co., Ltd. is the largest outdoor advertising company in Guizhou. In addition to the self built high pole billboards on expressways, they also have outdoor billboards in Guiyang. Especially in the past few years, the company's outdoor billboards accounted for almost 60% of Guiyang's share, just because Guiyang's unified city image was removed a lot. Recently, they have built some outdoor billboards and LED electronic displays in Huaxi Avenue, Sanqiao and railway stations. In addition, the university advertising is also developed exclusively by them. It can be said that 60% of outdoor billboards in Guiyang are sold directly or indirectly by this company. With/
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If the digital LED display is very cheap, it is relatively inexpensive. If you use the multimedia outdoor display, the price is very high. It is installed according to the square. If you use it yourself, the cost is very high
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